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Celebrating Memorial Day: War Dogs

The following article is a re-post from our sister blog, Today’s Woof, celebrating war dogs.

It’s not surprising that man’s best friend has assisted the military in many ways. Starting with WWI,dogs, mainly German Shepherds, have been used as scouts, trackers, sentries, and for the detection of mines and booby traps.

The United States War Dogs Association tells the stories of these dogs who have been used in the military in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, Bosnia, Kosovo and the Gulf. These courageous dogs, and their handlers, performed extremely dangerous duty but their contributions are often overlooked.


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Justin Bieber 2011 Wall Calendar – Now Shipping!

Predicted to be the best selling calendar this year, is the first distributor to start shipping the young artist’s calendar.

Justin Bieber, the young star found through his YouTube channel, is now one of the most popular artists in the world.

Buy the Justin Bieber 2011 Wall Calendar, and have it before anyone else.


Justin Bieber 2011 Wall Calendar Product Review

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Austin Jazz Band – International Jazz Day – May 29th

International Jazz Day celebrates Jazz music and history, as well as Jazz musicians. Jazz music was started in America in the 1800′s and over the years has become popular around the world. Everyone has their favorite style of music, and many say Jazz is tops. Some people have a type of music that they do not like.  But everyone likes and/or loves Jazz.

To celebrate International Jazz Day, Calendars .com went to visit a local Jazz band called the Austin Jazz Band at the Elephant Room.


An Interview with Band Director, Bobby Davis.

Q: How did you get into Jazz?

I started off teaching Jazz as a high school Band Director and then taught at ACC. Jazz has been a love of mine so I’ve continued playing Jazz.

Q: What is the ultimate direction of your Band?

Keep playing varied cross sections of styles, Keep playing challenging pieces so the bands continues to grow, and keep encouraging to play jazz. We like to keep the kids exposed to clinics and jazz rehearsals. We had a student who graduated high school and came and played with our Band.

Q: How does your band stay organized?

I’m lucky that I have some real intelligent guys that help out. Everybody has worked together to help out with maintaining structure. Without them it would be impossible. I’m very lucky to have them.

Mr. Davis went on to give kudos to the co-founder of the band, Steve Fleckman, an Austin based attorney who also shares a great love for Jazz.

The Austin Jazz Band plays the last Monday of every month at the Elephant Room. They have a special performance coming up on Wed. June 23rd. For more info, please check out their website:

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Amnesty International Day – May 28th

What is Amnesty International Day?

It’s the day to celebrate all the work that AI has done to campaign for human rights since its establishment in 1961. Today, AI has more than 2.2 million members, supporters and subscribers in over 150 countries and territories throughout the world.

Amnesty International is a Nobel Peace Prize-winning grassroots activist organization campaigning for human rights worldwide. The organization investigates and exposes abuses, educates and mobilizes the public, and works to protect people wherever justice, freedom, truth and dignity are denied.



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Happy Bridge Day – May 27

Today  is the day to celebrate all things bridge related. Chances are that you crossed a bridge at some point this week. You may have crossed by car, bus or train. It could have been a long bridge over a body of water or a simple overpass. defines a bridge as “a structure spanning and providing passage over a river, chasm, road, or the like.”

Bike and bridge

When I think about bridges, I can’t help but to think about movies where a bridge or bridges played a major role. I decided to use the power of the web, not via a web search, but via a bit of crowd sourcing to bridge the gap, if you will, between the short list I came up with, and a larger list I knew existed.

Happy Bridge Day!

Here is the list of movies in no particular order as compiled from interesting replies on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter:

1. Golden Gate: Star Treks, A View to a Kill, Vertigo, Superman and others.
2. Seven Mile Bridge: True Lies
3. Tallahatchie Bridge – Ode to Billy Joe (Movie and Song)
4. The bridge in every Star Trek movie – get it (Thanks Dwayne!)
5. Jeff Bridges – the Bridges brothers (Another knee-slapper)
6. Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, Taos, New Mexico – Natural Born Killers
7. Bridge on the River Kwai – fictional bridge based on true stories
8. Saving Private Ryan
9. The Bridges of Madison County
10. Brooklyn Bridge and Verrazano-Narrows BridgeSaturday Night Fever and others

My personal favorite which wasn’t mentioned in many replies is the long train bridge from the movie Stand By Me.

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Happy National Bob Day! (part 2)

Along with our National Bob Day slideshow, we celebrated another Bob at the office. There were around 40 Popsicle-fan-like-Bob-masks made to let him know that we all have a little Bob in us.


“Thanks…I guess.” – Bob (said with a huge smile)


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Happy Bob Day! – May 26

Bob is a name that is close to my heart as I (Robert) am named after my Uncle Bob. I am frequently asked if I go by Robert, Bob, or Rob. I go by Robert as there was Uncle Bob and then a classmate who was Rob. Enough rambling about my name. Today is National Bob Day. A day honoring those with the shorted and slightly tweaked version of Robert for a name.

Here’s a video collage that showcases the best of my Bob list:

What other Bobs would you have featured?

Special thanks to The Bob Club for posting/maintaining their Big Bob List as well as to for their super-easy to use online photo slide-show tool.

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National Missing Children’s Day – May 25th

amber_alertToday marks the 27th National Missing Children’s Day. First proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan and observed by every administration since, May 25th is the anniversary of the day in 1979 when 6-year-old Etan Patz disappeared from a New York street corner on his way to school.

His story captivated the nation. His photo, taken by his father, a professional photographer, was circulated nationwide and appeared in media across the nation and around the world. Etan became the poster-child for a movement. The powerful image came to symbolize the anguish and trauma of thousands of searching families.


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Happy Victoria Day, Ay! (May 24th)


Victoria Day is a celebration of Queen Victoria’s Birthday and also the official Canadian celebration of the reigning Monarch’s birthday. It is celebrated on the first Monday proceeding May 25th. It is a statutory holiday throughout all of Canada except the Atlantic Provinces (New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island). Victoria Day is the official Canadian Kick-off of Summer and is often celebrated with fireworks.

In Québec, since 2003 it has also been known as National Patriots’ Day to honor the rebellion against the British in 1837.

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World Turtle Day

World Turtle Day began as a means to bring attention and respect to turtles and tortoises. Here in Texas our turtles have had the good fortune to have Ila Loetscher, otherwise known as the Texas turtle lady, draw attention to their plight. A real character, and passionate about turtles, she appeared on Johnny Carson’s The Tonight Show packing a turtle under her arm fashionably attired in an outfit handmade for the occasion.

I’ve never had the good fortune to see any of our Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtles but I remember once being very angry at my brother for waking me in the middle of the night and dragging me to the beach. And there on the beach, in what I would call a trance, was a female turtle laying eggs the size of ping-pong balls. They bounced a bit as each one dropped onto the pile. It was a sight I will never forget.


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