Amnesty International Day – May 28th

What is Amnesty International Day?

It’s the day to celebrate all the work that AI has done to campaign for human rights since its establishment in 1961. Today, AI has more than 2.2 million members, supporters and subscribers in over 150 countries and territories throughout the world.

Amnesty International is a Nobel Peace Prize-winning grassroots activist organization campaigning for human rights worldwide. The organization investigates and exposes abuses, educates and mobilizes the public, and works to protect people wherever justice, freedom, truth and dignity are denied.


Human rights are basic rights and freedoms that all people are entitled to regardless of nationality, sex, national or ethnic origin, race, religion, language, or other status. Human rights include civil and political rights, such as the right to life, liberty and freedom of expression; and social, cultural and economic rights including the right to participate in culture, the right to food, and the right to work and receive an education.  Human rights are protected and upheld by international and national laws and treaties.

Members and supporters exert influence on governments, political bodies, companies and intergovernmental groups by mobilizing public pressure through mass demonstrations, vigils and direct lobbying as well as online and offline campaigning.

Amnesty International USA uses 4/5 of every dollar donated to fund their human rights programs.

AI accepts no government money. Their broad base of member contributions ensures that Amnesty is not beholden to financial interests.

How You Can Help?

There are many ways you can help, including making a donation, joining Amnesty International and taking action.

Take Action:

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