May 11th is Chair Day = New Chairs For The Office!

If we were to guess, you are sitting down in a chair right now. The chair is probably doing one of two things, making you comfortable or making you miserable.

As the month of appreciation moves on, we look at something that has become a part of our lives (for better or worse). The chair as we know it (four legs and a back) dates back to 2181 B.C. While the exact date of the birth of the chair is unknown, we are celebrating today, May 11th, as Chair Day.

New Chairs For The Office!

After 3 years with the chairs we are currently on, it’s time to get new ones! There are shouts around the office as those words are spoken. Lets just say, these were not the best to our spine. is purchasing all new chairs for us! The joy, oh the joy!

Old Chairs

2010-05-11 16.34.21

New Chairs (They even look cooler!)

2010-05-11 16.33.58

Why Are Chairs Important?

We polled around the office and here is what some of our team members had to say:

“It’s important for your posture.  Bad posture can lead to back problems.” – MD

“I spend as much time in a chair, as I do my bed.” – JD

“It gets old standing around all the time.”  – MS

“They put us all on the same level.”  – RG

“They keep you from falling on your ^%!.”  – JM

“I like to sit. And it’s nice to have something to sit on.”  – MW

A Chair Story – Christi Graybill

Like the smell of your mom’s home cooking, chairs elicit warm memories.  A black, leather recliner reminds me of my Paw Paw.  When I see or sit in a black, leather recliner I can practically smell the Vick’s cough drops he always carried in his pocket.  In that same pocket, my Paw Paw always had a silver dollar just for me!  Then there was “Grandpa’s chair” a plaid, cloth chair that no one but Grandpa was allowed to sit in. We had an ongoing Truth or Dare game that often involved the dare of sitting in Grandpa’s chair without permission.

There was also that great, big, floral lounge chair I spent my teen years plopping down on to watch TV. It was the BEST chair for tossing your legs over one arm while using the other arm as a headrest.  That chair witnessed many a scrap as it was the chair my sisters and I coveted.  We had an antique chair with a woven seat where my mom’s friend Billy Bean always sat to play his Banjo and sing.  And my mom’s big, brown, antique rocking chair that I rocked so hard I flipped it on more than one occasion.  There’s the large wicker chair where I made out with my future husband for the first time.  Then the BEST chair was the glider where I nursed my babies to sleep.

Now, when I see my 12 year old daughter spread across the oversized chair in our living room or I see my son spinning at rapid speeds in the office chair or leaping from the great heights of the wingback chairs, I think chairs are important because they are the makers and keepers of memories.

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