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Boogie Woogie Day – May 22nd

This post was written by Mandy Duran, and is part of our Celebrate Every Day in May series. Read  more about the series…

Today is Boogie Woogie Day, as in getting your groove on day. The best part: there is no right way or wrong way.

You just may get caught by a co-worker doing a ‘happy dance’ while at work! Today is the day not to care about the funny looks you’ll get.

In the 70’s – The Hustle!



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Happy National Bike To Work Day!

May 15th is National Bike to Work Day! Today is meant to encourage people to use their bike to get to work, which saves energy, protects the environment, and helps you to keep fit.

I ride my bike to work every day and encourage everyone to at least look into the option if you live less than 5 miles away from your employment. Happy riding!


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Pick Strawberries Day – May 20th

This post was written by Kevin Clark, our Customer Service Quality Analyst/Trainer, and was part of our Celebrate Every Day in May series.

I love strawberries. They bring back memories of Grandma Gladys boiling large pots of sticky goodness for Strawberry Preserves.  A pleasant by-product of her work was the foam she skimmed from the top that she let us spread on toast for an afternoon snack. Throughout the year we had little jars of Grandma’s labor of love for our PB&J sandwiches.

In honor of this day we picked up some strawberries from a local grocer and dipped them in chocolate.

108_0214 108_0215

For more information on strawberries including where you can pick strawberries near you, check out:

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Plant Something Day – May 19th

Misty from our customer service team spent some time with her daughter in the garden:



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No Dirty Dishes Day – May 18th

Today is No Dirty Dishes Day. Some feel this day was established to have a day free of dirty dishes. In other words, you should have gotten all the dishes done last night so that you can relax today. Surprise!

Some feel this day means it’s time to clean ALL the dishes laying around the house and yard…including the spoon your kid left in the sandbox, the beer glass your husband left in his man cave, and the plate your teenager left under her bed.

Both agree that you shouldn’t let the dishes stack up until tomorrow.

How did we celebrate?

How better to celebrate than keep your own office sink spotless:


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Happy Rubber Band Day! (May 17th)

Rubber Band Facts

The rubber band, or elastic band, was patented by Stephen Perry in 1845.
Unlike most rubber products, elastic bands aren’t made of synthetic rubber.
They’re manufactured using natural rubber because of its superior elasticity.
Learn more about the making of a rubber band here.

The U.S. Post Office is the largest consumer of rubber bands in the world – they order millions of pounds per year. The newspaper, flower and agriculture industries are also huge contributors to the 30 million pounds of rubber bands sold in the U.S. each year. [source]

How did we celebrate Rubber Band Day?

Rubber Band Olympics!

We had 3 events:


rubber band 2 rubber band 1

rubber band 4rubber band 3


rubber band 13rubber band 12

rubber band 6 rubber band 8

rubber band 9rubber band 11


rubber band 14

Congrats to our winners: Misty, Dennis, and Kevin!

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Sea Monkey Day – 5/16/2010

It’s Sea Monkey Day!  How will you celebrate?

What’s in a name?  Did you know that a sea monkey is actually species of brine shrimp?  Sea monkeys have been around since 1957, but rarely are they given their due.  That’s what today is for!

How Did We Celebrate?

Our Sea Monkeys are in the mail and on the way to us. We will have an update post to let you know how our makeshift tank works out.

We picked up a small packet of brine shrimp at DealExtreme for ~$3.00 (can’t beat it).

More to come soon!

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National Chocolate Chip Day is May 15th

Celebrate today with that little morsel of ooey gooey goodness.  The chocolate chip!  What would the cookie be without chocolate chips?

How Did We Celebrate?

We enjoyed the magic below:


Snickerdoodles… Blah
Oatmeal cookies… Blah
Sugar cookies… Blah

Throw in chocolate chips and you supercharge any recipe.

Pancakes… Sweet!
Muffins… Super Sweet!
Trail Mix… Perfect!

Put a smile on a face today and share your chip creations with a loved-one, neighbor, or friend.

The Cookie 2011 Desk Calendar is now available for Pre-Order.  It has hundreds of delicious cookie recipes and it’s impossible not to be inspired from it.


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Happy Dance Like a Chicken Day!

One of the great ice-breakers of all times, the Chicken Dance has been a staple of wedding receptions since the 1980’s.  What better way to get everyone, young and old alike, out on the dance floor shaking their tail feathers and having a great time to a catchy polka-beat.

How Did We Celebrate?

Want to learn how to do it?

It takes longer to read the instructions than it does to learn it by watching. But in case you are not familiar here’s how it goes.

  1. When the music starts, hold your hands out in front of you and open and close them like a chicken beak four times.
  2. Put your thumbs in your armpits and flap your wings four times.
  3. Place your arms and hands like the tail feathers of a chicken and wiggle down to the floor four times.
  4. Clap four times.
  5. Repeat steps 1-5 four times.
  6. After the fourth time take the hands of the people on either side of you and everyone move in a circle or do a do-see-do with anyone you are near.
  7. Repeat until the end of the music or until you fall on the floor.
  8. Don’t worry if it takes you a few times to get the sequence right, it’s all in good fun.

Did you know . . .?

In Canada, les Quebecois call it “Le Danse de Canards” or The Duck Dance and has four verses of lyrics as well. Check out the following video.

At the Cincinnati Oktoberfest on September 20, 2004, rock musician Vince Neil served as the Grand Marshall of the World’s Largest Chicken Dance. The U.S. cable television channel VH1, in its compilation of the 40 Least Metal Moments panned this performance as the single least metal moment in Heavy Metal history.

The Chicken Dance is featured in Judson Laipply’s Evolution of Dance.

On November 13, 2009, The Hot 89.9 played the Chicken Dance continuously until 389 Tickets for the CHEO Dream of a Lifetime were purchased at $100 each, to support the Childrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario. This played for over 3 hours.

Several attempts have been made to gather the most people for the World’s Largest Chicken Dance but my research did not find an official number.Let us know if you have been part of a record breaking attempt at the Chicken Dance.

Thanks to Vicky Smith, Lori Lesko and Nicki Schneider for their help with this post.

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Frog Jumping Day – May 13th

This post was written by Christi Graybill, our Director of Customer Service, and is part of our Celebrate Every Day in May series. Read  more about the series…

I have always been a big fan of frogs. My mom was a gardener who regularly sung praises of frogs as beneficial critters.

How did we celebrate Frog Jumping Day?

We made our own Origami frogs and had a jumping contest. Want to make one yourself?

Frog Jumping Day celebrates “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” by Mark Twain, a charming yarn told mostly in the voice of a drunk man from the south. As a person who has sat through many drunk Southern man stories, I can relate to the narrator’s more than slight annoyance. It’s a great example of how dialect can set the mood and really draw you in to the characters.

Frogs are primary characters in most cultures’ mythologies because of their links with both land and water. Because of their growth cycle, they are a symbol of transformation according to Animal Speak The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small by Ted Andrews. They are associated with the magic of water and land and are considered to be heralds of abundance and fertility. Some Shamanic cultures believe they control the weather.

There is nothing more amazing (and noisy) than a frog song. Campers can tell you there’s no such thing as a quiet night’s sleep when there are frogs around. Recently, while away at a meditation retreat, the running joke was that the frogs were croaking, “Transform! Transform!” This is a great message for seekers of enlightenment. Ohhhhmmmmmm! Ribbet!

Want More Frog Fun?

Care to build a cool frog house for your spring garden. Some frog trivia?

We have some frog calendars too. Check out my favorite frog calendar.

We hope you enjoy Frog Jumping Day as much as we did!

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