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Happy National Receptionists Day – May 12th

Graciela and Gloria are the fresh faces you would see if you come visit us here in Austin, TX. We decided to give them fresh Texas watermelons to thank them for being warm and wonderful every day. Who doesn’t love watermelons?!?


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May 11th is Chair Day = New Chairs For The Office!

If we were to guess, you are sitting down in a chair right now. The chair is probably doing one of two things, making you comfortable or making you miserable.

As the month of appreciation moves on, we look at something that has become a part of our lives (for better or worse). The chair as we know it (four legs and a back) dates back to 2181 B.C. While the exact date of the birth of the chair is unknown, we are celebrating today, May 11th, as Chair Day.

New Chairs For The Office!

After 3 years with the chairs we are currently on, it’s time to get new ones! There are shouts around the office as those words are spoken. Lets just say, these were not the best to our spine. is purchasing all new chairs for us! The joy, oh the joy!

Old Chairs

2010-05-11 16.34.21

New Chairs (They even look cooler!)

2010-05-11 16.33.58

Why Are Chairs Important?

We polled around the office and here is what some of our team members had to say:

“It’s important for your posture.  Bad posture can lead to back problems.” – MD

“I spend as much time in a chair, as I do my bed.” – JD

“It gets old standing around all the time.”  – MS

“They put us all on the same level.”  – RG

“They keep you from falling on your ^%!.”  – JM

“I like to sit. And it’s nice to have something to sit on.”  – MW


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Clean Up Your Room Day (May 10th)

This post was written by Mary Smiley, our Content Manager, and is part of our Celebrate Every Day in May series. Read  more about the series…

How Did We Celebrate?

Today is Clean Up Your Room Day, and at we celebrated by bringing our favorite cleaning supplies and giving the office a good Spring cleaning. Cleaning may not be your idea of a celebration, but if you turn on some music, open the doors and/or windows to let in a nice breeze, and throw in some yummy refreshments, Clean Your Room Day can be a great way for co-workers to have some fun together.



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Daisy, Our Newest Customer Service Rep

Elizabeth brought in her gorgeous bulldog to hang out in the office. I have never seen a dog sit so still and stay so relaxed.

Thank you for calling woof woof woof, how may I help you?

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Don’t forget to call your mother today!

How did we celebrate?

Today, I did something very out of character. I spent a few hours writing my mother a letter. While this seems like the obvious thing to do, it is nearly impossible for some people to express their gratitude to someone of such personal importance.

Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother’s Day would have been proud. She, despite being the original founder of the holiday, felt as though Mother’s Day became too commercialized. She later wished that she never created the holiday in the first place. This year, I went back to the roots of what Mother’s Day is, by spilling 23 years of feelings never communicated out loud, into an email.

To all the mothers of the world, this is your day, so kick your feet up and relax!

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Happy No Socks Day! (May 8th)

This post was written by Jessica Vinklarek, our Online Marketing Manager, and is part of our Celebrate Every Day in May series. Read  more about the series…

No Socks Day is May 8th, and a day to free your feet from the confines of socks while giving your toes a breath of fresh air. As a way to celebrate the day, you can also use your socks to freshen the air around you.

How Did We Celebrate?

Well, we used our old socks to plant a plant.

Thanks to Joshua from TX for sharing this unique activity on We re-wrote his article, and added our own pictures to the tutorial.

Sock Seeds

What you’ll need:

  • Old fuzzy sock
  • Shoe box
  • Plastic bag
  • Potting soil
  • Scissors


1) Place the old fuzzy sock over your shoe

sock seeds 1

2) Walk around outdoors in an area where plants are growing (this can be in your own yard, a nearby field, a city park…)

sock seeds 2 sock seeds 3

3) Remove the sock – you’ll notice it has a variety of small seeds on it

sock seeds 4

4) Line the shoe box with the plastic bag and fill with potting soil

5) Cut a slit down the side of your sock and plant it by laying it flat (seed side up) in the soil

sock seeds 7

6) Cover the sock with a thin layer of soil and water it

sock seeds 8

In about a week the seeds should begin to sprout!

Check out this website for more ideas on how to recycle your socks:

Re-purposing your socks

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May 7th is Bird Day!

This post was written by Patti Daniel, one of our Customer Service Team Leads, and is part of our Celebrate Every Day in May series. Read  more about the series…

You can know the name of a bird in all the languages of the world, but when you’re finished, you’ll know absolutely nothing whatever about the bird . . . So let’s look at the bird and see what it’s doing – that’s what counts. I learned very early the difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something.
Richard P. Feynman (Nobel Prize Winning Physicist, teacher, storyteller, bongo player)

They are a constant like the sun, moon and stars. Wherever you travel – there they are. Birds. Feeding birds, watching birds and inviting the nesting of birds, adds a delightful element to my life. I feed them here in Austin during the winter and my Westie, Pebbles and I enjoy hours of entertainment observing from our balcony. I have sparrows nesting in a gourd right now and last year baby cardinals were born.

Whether you watch them, feed them, take ecotourism trips for bird watching, shoot and eat them or resent their droppings on your windshield you cannot deny they are a significant presence. And they can do what we cannot – independently take wing.

The calls we get here for bird calendars are always welcome. I enjoy the bird lovers as much as the dog lovers and gardeners. Great clientele.

Spring is here and the migration season is upon us. Some regard May 6 – 16th as the time of the best birding in America.

The amazing lyre bird, which mimics the calls of other birds – and chainsaws and camera shutters -, is one of the most impressive and funny in nature. Here is a video clip from David Attenborough’s The Life of Birds. From the BBC.

Bird Related Links

A blog I came across written by the editor of Birder’s Digest has some wonderful pictures he took while at the New River Birding & Nature Festival. Visit here:

Interested in Bird Songs? Here is a unique community database of shared bird sounds from the whole world. Fascinating that people have recorded these across the globe. Check it out here.

The bluebird carries the sky on his back.
Henry David Thoreau

The mosquito is the state bird of New Jersey.
Andy Warhol


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“Posing For Pink” Calendar – Controversy and Awareness For a Cure

Every so often a calendar pops onto the scene that stirs the emotions of different groups. Posing for Pink does just that.2010CalendarCover

What is Posing For Pink?

Posing for Pink is a breast cancer group that put out a self-titled calendar with the sole purpose of celebrating the female body and raising money for the Susan G. Komen foundation. According to their website, they have raised over $7,000 for the foundation.

From their website:

Net proceeds from the calendar sales benefit the Twin Cities Breast Cancer 3Day Walk, Susan G Komen for the Cure, and The National Philanthropic Trust funding important breast cancer research, education, screening and treatment.

What is the Controversy?

According to an article in the Pioneer Press:

Kristine Holmgren, founder of the discussion salon Dead Feminists Society of Minnesota “I have daughters, and I hope when they think of making money, they do not go first to their breasts,” she said. “I hope they go to their talents and skill sets…Laura Barclay, president of the Etiquette Centre of Minneapolis says, “I don’t think it’s in good taste at all.”

What Do You Think? Post a Comment Below:

Which side do you agree with? What do you think about the  methods used to raise money?

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May 6th is International Nurses Day

This post was written by Kevin Clark, our Customer Service Quality Analyst/Trainer, and was part of our Celebrate Every Day in May series. 

What is National Nurses Day?

National Nurses Day, also known as National RN Recognition Day, is celebrated every year on May 6th to recognize the contribution and commitments that nurses make to our society. This day marks the kickoff for National Nurses Week which ends May 12th on Florence Nightingale’s birthday.

More information on how Florence Nightingale started and shaped the nursing profession, visit here.

How did we celebrate?

We honored some local nurses by bringing them some breakfast goodies.

Gifts for local Austin nurses:

P5040003 P5040004 P5040005

If you have ever known a nurse, or been helped by one, call your local doctors office and thank them for what they do.

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May 5th is Cinco De Mayo!

What is “Cinco de Mayo” ?

Though many think Cinco de Mayo (“Fifth of May”) is Mexico’s Independence Day, it is actually a commemoration of the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. In addition to it’s importance in Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is significant to Americans because it represents the last time a foreign army waged aggression in invaded North America. The image below is a piece of art showing the battle in all it’s gloom: BattleofPuebla2

How did we celebrate?

We enjoy this holiday today as a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride.  Sarah, an email specialist on our team, visited the 5th annual Cinco de Mayo Festival in Austin, TX! We also had a nice Mexican Food (though mostly “tex-mex”) pot luck in the office. The video and pictures below are from those events:

From our office potluck:

Battle of Pueblo image courtesy of Wikipedia
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