“Posing For Pink” Calendar – Controversy and Awareness For a Cure

Every so often a calendar pops onto the scene that stirs the emotions of different groups. Posing for Pink does just that.2010CalendarCover

What is Posing For Pink?

Posing for Pink is a breast cancer group that put out a self-titled calendar with the sole purpose of celebrating the female body and raising money for the Susan G. Komen foundation. According to their website, they have raised over $7,000 for the foundation.

From their website:

Net proceeds from the calendar sales benefit the Twin Cities Breast Cancer 3Day Walk, Susan G Komen for the Cure, and The National Philanthropic Trust funding important breast cancer research, education, screening and treatment.

What is the Controversy?

According to an article in the Pioneer Press:

Kristine Holmgren, founder of the discussion salon Dead Feminists Society of Minnesota “I have daughters, and I hope when they think of making money, they do not go first to their breasts,” she said. “I hope they go to their talents and skill sets…Laura Barclay, president of the Etiquette Centre of Minneapolis says, “I don’t think it’s in good taste at all.”

What Do You Think? Post a Comment Below:

Which side do you agree with? What do you think about the  methods used to raise money?

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9 Responses to ““Posing For Pink” Calendar – Controversy and Awareness For a Cure”

  1. april riggs 07. May, 2010 at 4:17 pm #

    Carlos-I LOVE THIS! I am all for some boobies on REAL WOMEN, who are helping to bring awareness and much needed funds to a cause that is near and dear to my chest (and heart.) What a great idea!! (And really, who doesn’t love boobs?!? If they say they don’t, they are lying!)

    Bring on MORE controversy, that’s what I say!

  2. Sarah T 07. May, 2010 at 4:23 pm #

    These women are beautiful!
    I don’t think they are exploiting themselves, or their bodies, in any way and unlike the comment by Kristine Holmgren I think that these women ARE using their talents and skill sets to raise money for a wonderful cause. What an ingenious plan and wonderful celebration of the female body!

  3. Christi 07. May, 2010 at 4:55 pm #

    I absolutely identify myself as a feminist…100% through and through. In my feminist heart, I firmly believe that being a free woman means you get to do with your body as you choose. What better use of a beautiful body than supporting a beautiful cause.

    It can’t be considered exploitation if no one is forcing you to do it. We are at the point now where we need, as feminists, to take back ownership of our bodies. This calendar is a great demonstration of women supporting women in the purest, most heart felt way.

    In addition, who do we think is going to be buying this calendar if not other women who are inspired by these women?

    Kudos to these gals for having the courage to bare it all and for showing how dedicated they are to a cause!

  4. Kevin C 07. May, 2010 at 4:58 pm #

    These are brave women. I doubt any of them thought to, “go first to their breasts.”

  5. Misty W 07. May, 2010 at 5:08 pm #

    When I see this calendar my immediate thought is the amount of strength it took for these women to do this and their obvious passion towards this cause. I don’t see that anyone could look at this calendar and immediately think sexual thoughts considering the statement this calendar is making is regarding the fight against breast cancer. If you do, you have your own issues or insecurities to work through. But that is my own opinion (which we are all entitled to). This calendar is art, it is a statement, and it is something that will be remembered. These women are beautiful and one thing that intensifies that beauty is their inner strength to make such a bold statement for the world to see. That’s more than I can say I have ever done. These women make me proud to be a woman.

    Someone asked how those posing would feel if their children were approached in school because others knew their mother was posing in this calendar. The first thing that comes to mind right off the bat is that I teach my children to embrace who they are. If I were in this calendar, you bet my children would know why. Not only would they be proud of me for standing up for a cause but they would also learn to do the same for something they are passionate about. This isn’t a dirty calendar; it is tastefully done which takes a lot of talent and skill.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion regarding this calendar and why they wouldn’t support it but all I can say is open your eyes for just a moment. Your sister, daughter, mother, grandmother, niece, or even you yourself are faced with breast cancer. The thought of any of them not coming out on top is unbearable. The thought of you not seeing your children grow, graduate college, or get married is something you don’t ever want to even think about. Are you going to turn down treatment because of where some of the funds came from or do you just say to yourself that the portion of treatment you are using came from other fundraisers that you agree with? Perhaps you need money yourself because of the toll that breast cancer takes on an entire family and women in your neighborhood did this just for you to help you and your family. Would you turn their money away that would greatly help your family because of what they did to get that money for you? You criticize someone for building a bring house next to your beautifully done straw house but that strong wind comes through and knocks your house down, where are you going to stay? Just saying….

    And I agree with Kevin C.. If they first went to their breasts, then they made a mistake with what they are covering with that ribbon.. Again just saying…

  6. Destiny B. 07. May, 2010 at 5:24 pm #

    This is not tasteless in the least.

    If celebrities can bear all to further their careers – why can real women not bear all for cancer research??

    If celebrities can wear ‘nothing’ to protest animal cruelty – why can real women not do the same for medical research to save lives?

    If firemen can pose nearly nude to raise money for 911 victims – why can real women not do the same to raise awareness?

    I think you get the jest of my opinion on this matter.

    I would PROUDLY purchase this calendar.

  7. Rusty J. 07. May, 2010 at 6:05 pm #

    I think that if people can put women in little string bikinis to try to sell me beer or a fast car then why can’t one wrap herself in a Pink Ribbon to try to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer?

    People are so backwards in their thinking sometimes. I say Kudos to the ladies and to Calenders.com if they do choose to market the Calender!

  8. Jenifer Bartoszek 07. May, 2010 at 11:35 pm #


  9. Mark Kovaletz 07. Aug, 2010 at 10:37 pm #

    My wife is a breast cancer survivor, and she belongs on this calendar. Finding this when it is treatable is the point, and these women are at that end of the spear.

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