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Team Spotlight: Kevin Clark

What do you do at DSC_0079
As the Manager of Contact Center Operations, I am responsible for Daily Reports, Backend Processing, Troubleshooting Computer Issues and Training.

What got you to this position?
I’ve had a variety of Training jobs in a variety of industries: Travel Agency, Semi-Conductor Test Equipment, and Hardware Store Computer Systems.

What are some important things you will be training the seasonal employees this year?
That the “E” in Ecomm stands for: Excellence, Exceptions made here, and Wow that was Easy customer service.

What is the single most important thing you are improving in the company this year?
The Quality of Customer Service through training, feedback and encouragement.

What is your involvement with the Boy Scouts?
Currently I am Scoutmaster to Troop 185. For 14 years I’ve been working with young men ages 8-18 to become men of character.

What is the best thing you have done in the last 5 years?
Took my family on a cruise from Galveston to Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel.

How many calendars are hanging in your house?
6 – Cows Cows Cows x 2, Tropical Beaches, Mormon Muffins, Whitetail Deer and Inspirations

Your cubicle?
11 – Cats, Cows, Italy, Lighthouses, San Diego, Inspiration, Gourmet, Islands, Simpsons, Dilbert, and How to Cook

Favorite Calendar? Dilbert Desk Calendar

Biggest Pet Peeve? When one of the dogs marks the trash can in the kitchen.

Ninjas or Pirates? Pirates, no question about it.

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National Bring Your Dog To Work Day 2010

Our sister blog, Today’s Woof, wrote a post earlier this week about how to have a good Bring Your Dog To Work Day. It’s only 11am now, and so far everything has been going smoothly;  no stains, and no dog fights.

Christi and Gunner

Jessica and Gravy


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Fold Your Own Zombies! (2011 Wall Calendar)

This may be my personal favorite for the upcoming year.

Have you read World War Z? Is it worth the read?

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Meet an Artist: Friedensreich Hundertwasser


Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928 – 2000), born Friedrich Stowasse, is considered one of the most profound mavericks of architecture and art.

He was raised by his Jewish mother as his father passed away shortly after Friedrich’s birth. His mother put him in the Hitler Youth to save both of their lives.

A highly emblematic part of his character was his admittance to the Vienna Academy of Art. This was the same place that Hitler attempted to attend just 40 years prior. Friedrich left after 3 months to pursue his true art. In his Mouldiness Manifesto against Rationalism in Architecture he made the claim that:

In architecture, however, this fundamental freedom, which must be regarded as a precondition for any art, does not exist, for a person must first have a diploma in order to build. Why?

In 1948, he changed his name to Friedensreich meaning “peaceful realm”.

Friedensreich began traveling extensively and gaining international recognition before the age of 30. His detailed biography of art awards and travels are found at the Hundertwasser Archive.

He began using architecture as an outlet for his artistic expression because he despised what it had come to be. An article in the Guardian talks about this passion:

…he denounced the aridity of modern architecture, ridiculed symmetry – by wearing different coloured socks – and described straight lines, horizontals and verticals as “the tool of the devil” and “the rotten foundation of our doomed civilisation”.

The article then touches on his criticism of architecture as an art form:

He denounced the professional institutions of architecture because they would not permit practice by amateurs. This, he said, proved that architecture was not an art, but a professional conspiracy.

Straight Lines

The most identifying technique was his artistic boycott of straight lines. This can be seen in his possibly most famous building, the Hundertwasser Haus, which opened in 1986:


Hundertwasser Art 2011 Wall Calendar

To have a daily reminder that art is what you make it, make sure to pick up the 2011 calendar for yourself, or anyone who needs a little more ‘Hundertwasser’ in their artistic lives.

image credit: wikipedia & reisserbilder

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Calendar Inspiration:’s World Cup 2010 Calendar

For a special event calendars, this one takes it to a new level. The dial design shows connections that are not understood from many online event calendars. Make sure to click the picture below to visit the site.’s 2010 World Cup Calendar


Love Soccer?

Check out the 2011 Soccer Wall Calendar:

Soccer 2011 Wall Calendar

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5 Steps to Organize Your Mind Without Computers


This post is in lieu of the recent and popular article in the New York Times entitled Your Brain on Computers: Hooked on Gadgets, and Paying a Mental Price about a family who is digitally connected beyond the average American. Their lives are absorbed within technology, and every possible moment is filled with some form of screen stimulation. This is characteristic of many of the Gen Y and Millennium kids. From the article:

Mr. Campbell loves the rush of modern life and keeping up with the latest information. “I want to be the first to hear when the aliens land,” he said, laughing.

In his defense, he probably will be one of the first. As connected as he is, it will take only moments for the message to get to him. Is that really the goal of life though? To be the first to know? The article continues to discuss the effect of multi-tasking, both positive and negative. It’s a fascinating read for those who know someone like Mr. Campbell.

The connectedness of the Campbells is my segue into purposely disconnecting your harmful habits and putting order into the way your mind works.

How do we stay organized without computers?

I’m writing about organization in a broad term. The following steps will help you get to the organization of your honest thoughts and true feelings. It may (but most likely may not) give you tips on how to organize your closet.

Step 1: Unplug

Entire sites exist to help your kids unplug, and there are efforts to go as far as setting up an intervention for those addicted to staring at a screen (

Step 1 removes anything that provides entertainment or social connections. Phones, computers, and televisions should be turned off and unplugged. Simply turning off your device will not work. You may already do that a couple times a day. The step of unplugging, removing the battery, or donating means you are taking this extra serious.

It must be a decision from the inside, or you will quickly resort back to the clicks and the stares.

Step 2: Decompress

Here is where the withdrawals start. The goal is to un-froth your mouth of digital rabies and revert back to a simpler way of thinking.


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You asked for it, and we listened.


Both, and our sister site, are now accepting PayPal as a form of payment. Keep letting us know what you would like to see from us. We’re always open to suggestions about how to improve the site for your convenience.


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Master of Illusion 2011 Wall Calendar by Rob Gonsalves

Each month, Rob Gonsalves’ take on surrealism will make you feel wonderfully eerie.

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