Ansel Adams Proofs Worth $200 Million

Rick Norsigian purchased 65 photo-negatives from a garage sale 10 years ago at the quaint price of $75. Today, those same prints are worth over $200 million. So what’s so special about those negatives? Answer: They were created by Ansel Adams, possibly the most prolific photographers the camera has ever been held by.

Ansel Adams & Camera

These “lost” negatives were thought to have been lost in the 1937 darkroom fire that destroyed over 5,000 plates of his work.

In an interview with CNN, Richard Alt, a photography expert said:

“It is my belief that he brought these negatives with him for teaching purposes and to show students how to not let their negatives be engulfed in a fire,”… “I think this clearly explains the range of work in these negatives, from very early pictorialist boat pictures, to images not as successful, to images of the highest level of his work during this time period.”

Side note: With the sheer amount of calendars ranging from dogs doing yoga, to top-of-their-field artists, I find it personally fun to know we have a calendar for almost every celebrity or artist news article. I find myself saying, “we have a calendar of him/her” very often.


Ansel Adams 2011 Deluxe Wall Calendar


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  1. Sara 03. Aug, 2010 at 2:56 am #

    I found this story just fascinating! As someone who frequents yard-sales in search of that “prize” those plates were just an amazing discovery.

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