Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar for 2011

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit calendar will most certainly be in our top 20 most sold calendars this year. Here’s a review to see more of the pictures inside:

Click here to buy the 2011 Swimsuit Calendar from Sports Illustrated.

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One Response to “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar for 2011”

  1. Paul 26. Dec, 2010 at 10:12 pm #

    The 2011 Sports Illustrated weekly swimsuit calender is a total disaster. I have carried this calender for 10 years, then this year some committee of fools thot they would improve on something fine – but they completely fucked it up:
    -they moved sunday to the next week, rather than Monday thru Sunday, they have disapeared the end of the week onto the next page – that’s just back-ass-wards
    -they changed the months on each page to include the previous and next month, rather than the current and next month – who gives a shit about last month?
    -this is an appointment calender, but it is printed on slick paper that you can hardly write on;
    -there was a 3-year reference calender in the back, but now these pissants provide only two years.
    This 2011 calender has the finest ladies and best pictures ever. It’s really too bad they changed it into such a useless calendar.

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