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The Lake District Wall Calendar for 2011

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The Johnny Cash Project & The Johnny Cash 2011 Wall Calendar

This popped into my radar recently, and it is beyond awesome. It’s called The Johnny Cash Project. Users of the site are given a single image to look at, and re-create it using their own artistic touch with a custom drawing tool provided by the site. Each frame is strung together so that when the video is played it comes together as the music video for the song “Ain’t No Grave.”

The Johnny Cash Project is a visual testament to how the Man in Black lives on – not just through his vast musical legacy, but in the hearts and minds of all of us around the world he has touched with his talent, his passion, and his indomitable spirit.

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Johnny Cash 2011 Calendar Video Review

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World of Warcraft 2011 Wall Calendar

Here’s what the cover of the new 2011 World of Warcraft calendar looks like. In stock and shipping!


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The video below inspired me to post about the WoW calendar. It’s from a recent Blizzcon conference where gamers meet to discuss the fantasy world Blizzard (company) has created. An avid player/fan points out a continuity issue with a specific character, and is cheered for his findings:

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Jill Greenberg’s Monkey Portraits 2011 Wall Calendar

Three  of my favorite photographers are Jill Greenberg, Dave Hill, and Erwin Olaf. All of them have a  newer style of photography known to many as ”hyper realistic.” Their sites will collectively waste a  couple hours of your time browsing around. Make sure to check out the videos of Dave Hill to see behind the scenes footage.

Jill Greenburg has one of my personal favorites for 2011. This one is titled, Monkey Portraits. She began her work with Monkey Portraits in 2001.

Bio snippet from Jill’s site:

Since the age of 10, Jill Greenberg has been staging photographs and creating characters using the mediums of drawing, painting, sculpture, film and photography. Her work displays her unique perspective with a clear voice, apparent through her distinctive lighting and personally-executed post production.

Monkey Portraits 2011 Wall Calendar


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Dilbert 2011 Desk Calendar Review

Dilbert continues to be the best comic for workers that spend most of their day in an office setting. The Dilbert 2011 Desk Calendar has a new comic every day of the year. Here’s a video review we made to chat about more of the features:

Click on the image below to buy the calendar:

Dilbert 2011 Desk Calendar

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