Dilbert 2011 Desk Calendar Review

Dilbert continues to be the best comic for workers that spend most of their day in an office setting. The Dilbert 2011 Desk Calendar has a new comic every day of the year. Here’s a video review we made to chat about more of the features:

Click on the image below to buy the calendar:

Dilbert 2011 Desk Calendar

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One Response to “Dilbert 2011 Desk Calendar Review”

  1. Phil Garner 06. Jan, 2011 at 8:44 am #

    Why did Adams eliminate the larger Sunday cartoon? There’s actually one less page per week in the 2011 calendar with the single page for Saturday / Sunday. Alas, Dilbert has fallen victim to the corporate pattern of ripping off consumers by giving them less product for more money.

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