Meet An Artist: Peter Smith (The Impossimals)

Peter Smith is an artist of our time.  His art is whimsical, colorful, bold, and will sure bring a smile. He spent many years in the fashion industry which shaped his talent.

In the section for the history of Peter Smith’s Impossimals it says,

Heavily influenced by his job he looked at all the aspects of a face that conveyed personality or emotion. It was soon narrowed down to the eyes and body language that are the biggest giveaways and Peter began to experiment converting family and friends into weird shapes using only the very basics.

We are very excited that Peter took the time to answer some of our questions so that you can get a better idea of how the beautiful paintings came to be. Here’s a link to the Peter Smith 2011 Calendar we are selling this year. If a 2012 calendar is made, you can be sure we will carry it.

An Interview with Peter Smith

When did you decide that you were going to become an artist as a profession?

Although I have always enjoyed painting since I was very small my creation ‘The Impossimals’ started way back in 2004. After spending sixteen years working with companies such as Disney, Warner Brothers and producing licensed artwork for The Simpsons I decided to take my passion of painting a step further and turn family and friends into my characters, a representation of their personalities rather than a realistic portrait. So all my Impossimals in every painting including the ones in the calendar are real people and the paintings tell a story about them, be it the first time they met to more complex ones that evolve over several paintings. Once an individual gets a stripe and colour layout they retain that in any other paintings I produce so you can identify an individual and follow them over several years as I paint their real lives.

How many years have your calendars been printed and do you have a favorite year thus far?

This is my fourth year with a calendar and the current 2011 one is definitely my favourite, it has one of the most sought after paintings from 2009 included in its contents, the elusive ‘I Do Cake’ which was so popular that an Internet campaign was launched by my collectors to try and get my publisher to release it as a limited edition print. As a thank you to my fans I included it in the current calendar for all to enjoy. One special painting included is ‘The Path of True Love’, special because it has my trademark hidden message, turn it around and see if you can spot the ‘LOVE’ written in the stars!

What motivates you to keep creating when things get tough in the studio?

Music mostly which I vary according to what I am painting but if things get really tough I find just getting away from it all for a few days usually helps. I have a tub of modeling clay beside the easel in the studio and if I’m struggling with a particular idea I will sit and model it, this really helps me get things looking right as it’s the small incidental things in my work that add that extra finish.

What single person or idea has been most influential to your art?

Colour, composition and attention to detail, advice I was given when I was a struggling designer many years ago and has served me well but I have since revised this to just one word. Fun. Keep it fun and you keep yourself creating.

Besides art, what do you do for fun?

I write books, design crazy contraptions and love the great outdoors so you can often find myself and my wife Jayne out and about in the British countryside, especially as we live only a few miles from Sherwood Forest, Robin Hoods hideout.

Your “artist eco-system” is very strong with blogs, twitter, and Cooliris implementation. Why did you choose to be so pro-active in the social media space?

Social media allows you to reach out to the rest of the world for very little outlay, you just need to regularly attend to it for it to work its magic. Most artists I know see it as an unnecessary intrusion but in today’s information and technology led world it’s just a logical step up from other methods of communication. Where else could you reach out to collectors of your work and form a collaborative community, promote your product, run a collectors club and effectively advertise and tantalize without resorting to a PR company or advertising agency and spending oodles of money.
For me it works and some of the opportunities that have arisen from taking time each day to update it have convinced me it’s one tool that as a business I could not ignore.

What is the best organizational tip you have for others?

Always have a calendar :-)

No matter who you are or what you do for a living always have a notepad handy.

Ninjas or Pirates?

Aye, it’s a sweet trade t’be a Pirate and gentlemen o’fortune so it is. Ninjas are nought but scallywags and should be keelhauled and joinin old Davey Jones imself’

Peter Smith’s 2011 Wall Calendar

Click the following link to purchase! Peter Smith 2011 Wall Calendar

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