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National Kazoo Day (January 28th)

Alabama Vest and Thaddeus Von Clegg invented the kazoo in the 1840s. LitKazoo-stle did they know that commercial production of their musical invention would begin in 1912, that the kazoo would become a child’s party staple, that kazoo bands would form and that the little musical instrument would have it’s very own holiday…

Update, even got on board this year and made their own branded Kazoo for sale.

What is National Kazoo Day?

National Kazoo Day was founded by Chaplin Willard Rahn of the Joyful Noise Kazoo Band at Williamsport, Marlyand’s Homewood Retirement Home. National Kazoo Day celebrates the invention of the kazoo and the joy kazoos bring to young and old.

When is National Kazoo Day?

National Kazoo Day falls on January 28 each year. However, some kazooists opt for celebrating Kazoo Day on the 26th, 27th or 29th while others find the fourth Thursday of January convenient.

How do I celebrate National Kazoo Day?

Celebrate National Kazoo Day by playing the kazoo. Don’t know how? Simply hum into the big end of the kazoo and you’ll be playing in a kazoo band by noon and going solo by dinner time.

Photo source: wikipedia
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What is Australia Day? (January 26th)

Flag of Australia On January 26, 1788, Captain Arthur Phillip raised the British flag at Sydney Cove, establishing the first colony in Australia, after the First Fleet of 11 convict ships had arrived. A public holiday and community day, Australia Day celebrates the anniversary of this event as well as Australia’s diverse society and landscape, history and achievements and commitment to continuing to make Australia a better place.

When is Australia Day?

Australia day falls on January 26 each year.

How do Australians celebrate Australia Day?

Community celebrations on Australia Day include flag raisings, presentation of community awards, barbecues  and fireworks and other fun events and activities. Citizenship ceremonies are also held for new citizens.

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National Popcorn Day – January 19th

If your New Year’s resolution this year is to eat healthier, you’re in luck because today is National Popcorn Day. With so many ways to flavor and prepare popcorn, you can never get bored with this versatile low-calorie, whole grain snack. Use this fun holiday to experiment with popcorn and create nutritional snacks that will help you maintain your new, healthy eating habits.

What is National Popcorn Day?

No one seems to know who created this holiday or why, but The Popcorn Board suspects that National Popcorn Day might have some connection to the Super Bowl, as some sources claim that the holiday falls on whatever day the Super Bowl falls on. Or maybe it’s simply  because Americans snack on 16 billion quarts of popcorn each year – that’s 52 quarts per person! Whatever the reason, pop a bag of popcorn into the microwave, flavor and season to your stomach’s desire and enjoy!

When is National Popcorn Day?

National Popcorn Day falls on January 19 each year.

How do I celebrate National Popcorn Day?

By eating popcorn! We suggest a game or movie night with an all popcorn buffet. Need a few ideas? Find popcorn recipes, nutrition facts and popping tips at The Popcorn Board’s website.

Source: National Cancer Institute
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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service

Martin Luther King - March on WashingtonToday, we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service. This year, we especially encourage you to go out and serve your community on MLK Day – yes, even though you have the day off.

When is MLK Day of Service?

The MLK Day of Service falls on the third Monday of January each year.

What is MLK Day of Service?

A federal holiday created to mark the birthday – Jan. 15 – of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., MLK Day was first observed in 1986. As a federal holiday, MLK Day once felt more like a much needed three-day weekend than a day of observance, honor and remembrance.  To maintain the purpose behind celebrating the life of Dr. King, MLK Day became the MLK Day of Service in 1994 – a day to honor Dr. King’s ideas and visions through community service. MLK Day of Service is the only federal holiday that we observe as a national day of service – a day off from school and work but not a “day off.”

Why is MLK Day a “day of service?”

The MLK Day of Service not only honors and celebrates the man himself, but his values of justice, equality, compassion, nonviolence and service; his vision of interracial cooperation in a society that recognizes racial equality; and his belief that everyone of all races, ages and backgrounds can work together to build and strengthen their community through service. Observing MLK Day as a day of service puts Dr. King’s values, vision and beliefs into action as we help solve national or local social problems and strengthen our communities through service.

How can I serve my community on MLK Day?

There are an endless number of ways to serve your community this MLK Day. Build a house for a family in need of a home, feed the hungry, tutor struggling students or get to know your neighbors by asking them to help you clean up the local park.  Don’t know where to start? Find a volunteer opportunity in your neighborhood or city at the Find a Project box on the Corporation for National & Community Service’s MLK Day of Service website.

picture: wikipedia
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