National No Housework Day – April 7th

For all who spend most of their days doing housework, there’s no such thing as a day off. Dirty dishes and laundry don’t stop piling up, beds won’t make themselves and trash doesn’t walk itself to the curb just because it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving or even Columbus Day. But there’s good news for full-time students, stay-at-home parents and those who spend long days at work only to come home to housework left behind by the kids or messy roommates: April 7 is National No Housework Day! Ignore the dirty dishes and piles of laundry, put away the cleaning supplies and relax!

Better yet, pass the work on to someone else for the day. Or if your spouse, significant other or roommate is usually the one sweating through never-ending household chores, show your appreciation for all that they do by taking over the housework for the day.

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