World UFO Day

PurportedUFO2What is World UFO Day?

Founded in 2001, World UFO Day was created to raise awareness about the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and, thus, aliens. Because many people believe that governments have been covering up UFO sightings and possess classified information that UFOs exist, World UFO Day also seeks to encourage governments to fess up and reveal all UFO-related knowledge to the public.

Learn more about World UFO Day by clicking here.

When is World UFO Day?

July 2 of each year. World UFO Day commemorates the anniversary of the highly controversial Roswell incident – an object believed to be a UFO crashed near the New Mexico city in July 1947.

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How do people celebrate World UFO Day?

People celebrate by gathering together to look at the sky, meditate on the subject and participate in other UFO-themed activities. The hope is that with so many people collectively opening their minds to the subject at once, we can mentally let extraterrestrials know that UFOs (and aliens) are welcome on  Earth.

Or you can just watch a bunch of alien flicks, alone or with friends. Check out some of our faves:

War of the Worlds
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Mac and Me
Star Wars

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