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Happy Make Up Your Own Holiday Day!

March 26 is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day! This holiday was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy of “This is a day you may name for whatever you wish. Reach for the stars! Make up a holiday.”

A few people here in the office are celebrating their own holidays today.

“Take Your Kid to Someone Else’s Workplace Day”- Jesse C.

“Disappointment in The Hunger Games Movie Day”- Sarah F.

“Bring Your Dog to Work Day”- Mary S.

“Too Pretty To Be At Work Day”- Jessica V.

“The House Cleans Itself Day”- Ashton C.

What would yours be?


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Happy Near Miss Day!

Near Miss Day, March 23,  commemorates the day a huge Asteroid barely missed hitting the earth. On March 23, 1989, an asteroid the size of a mountain came within 500,000 miles of a collision with Earth. In interstellar terms, it was a near miss. Had it collided with the Earth, it would have left a devastating crater the size of Washington, D.C. An asteroid impact on the planet would have been catastrophic. Since then, there have been other near misses. …..Whew!!

Near misses with large, potentially life threatening galactic objects happens on an infrequent basis. It is believed a large asteroid collided with the earth and caused the extinction of dinosaurs. Scientists believe it is only a matter of time before another catastrophic collision with Earth. But, don’t worry. The odds are it will not happen for a long, long time.

Other Asteroid Near Misses:

  • 2003 SQ222 – Approximately 10 meters in diameter, came within 54,700 miles of earth on September 27, 2003.
  • Asteroid 2002 EM7 - Approximately, 70 meters long, this rock came within 288,000 miles in March, 2002

Source: Holiday Insights

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The Vernal Equinox and the First Day of Spring!

Today marks the vernal equinox and the first day of Spring for 2012.

Learn more about the Vernal Equinox!

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National Panic Day!

Today’s the day to let it all out,  P-A-N-I-C!

Get the most out of Panic Day with these fun suggestions!

  • You are definitely encouraged to loudly proclaim, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” Or, run around wildly and proclaim , “I’m stressed, I’m stressed and I can’t take it anymore!”
  • Megaphones are allowed, but it’s even better if you can exercise your natural lung power, breathing very fully and deeply for a great big, cathartic shout.
  • Fill your company’s suggestion box with the request for a sound proof, padded room. Thus, Panic Day and any other occasion that requires loud, ridiculous behavior can be celebrated discreetly.
  • If, like most of us, you are without a sound proof, padded room, then be bold, be assertive, and take a stand by the water cooler, swearing not to budge until “things get better.”.
  • Stay in bed all day. But first, get up, brush your teeth, head to the kitchen and load up on snacks and drinks. Make sure you have lots of fluffy pillows to hide your head under.
  • Get up and go jogging or swimming or bike riding.
  • Phone in “well.” Call your boss and tell him or her that you feel too darn good to come in to work today, even though it’s a fib. That way you won’t appear to be a victim.
  • Go to work way over-dressed. Wear a tux or a prom gown, and, when asked what it’s about, simply reply, “I have an engagement later on.” Keep ‘em guessing.
  • Call the local TV station and tell them you’re going to run for President and that you’re holding a news conference at your house at noon.
  • Go the animal shelter and adopt a dog or cat.
  • Attempt to dye your hair in a checkerboard pattern.
  • Head for the toy store and buy as many toy soldiers as you can and come home and conduct a “war” in your living room.
  • Mix up a couple bottles full of food coloring and water and go out and write wacky things on the snow.
  • Call the Y and try to convince the pool manager that the pool should be filled with lime yogurt.
  • Start a new religion.
  • Put red dots all over your face and go food shopping.
  • Go the shore and walk the beach, or go to the mountains and climb a large hill.
  • Stand on one foot in the middle of a large mall, waving your arms up and down and proclaim, “I’m a bad bad birdie, I’m a bad bad birdie.”
  • Go to a Senior Center and sit down and have a chat with some nice older person.
  • Contact the local fire company and ask if you can come over and help wash a fire truck.

    Source: The Depths of My Beleaguered Mind

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    Happy International Women’s Day!

    March 8 is a day to celebrate all of the women in your life. Different than Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, this is a day to celebrate women and their achievements in their own rights, not just as a mother or lover.

    More information on International Women’s Day here.

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