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Memorial Day- 2012

What is Memorial Day?

An official federal holiday since 1971, Memorial Day is celebrated in honor of the men and women who have died while serving in the American military.

Did you know that Memorial Day was originally known as Decoration Day? Learn more about the history of Memorial Day by clicking here.

When is Memorial Day?

Memorial Day falls on the last Monday of May. This year, we will observe the holiday on May 28.

How do people celebrate Memorial Day?

By visiting cemeteries or memorials, following the 3 p.m. local time National Moment of Remembrance or attending the official Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. However, Memorial Day and Weekend also unofficially mark the beginning of summer, so many Americans celebrate with barbecues, pool parties and travel while many stores hold a Memorial Weekend sale.

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American Red Cross Founded

Clara Barton, a 60-year-old teacher, founded the American Red Cross in Washington D.C. on May 21, 1881. After the Civil War, Clara Barton took a trip to Europe where she learned about the global Red Cross network. Barton’s devotion to humanitarian service left her and a close-knit group of associates to institute the American Red Cross.

During her 23 years as the head of the American Red Cross, Clara Barton oversaw aid to the United States military during the Spanish-American War, the inclusion of relief work during times of peace, and the first disaster relief efforts.

Today, the American Red Cross provides education, emergency services, and disaster relief to those in need, and is one of the top contributing humanitarian organizations in the country.

Sources: Red Cross, Wikipedia

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Love a Tree Day

May 16 is Love a Tree Day!

Trees give us oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide, provide shade and shelter, and some even grow fruit for us to eat. Today, show your love and appreciation by doing something for the tree in your life, I mean yard.

Take a look at how we celebrated around the office!







Raul provided some shade from the harsh Texas sun.













Jessica gave a tree a cool drink after a long, hot day.












Sarah read her Nook to a tree. No paper pages!













Jordan showed how much he cared with a hug.












Jesse may have gone a little far proposing to his favorite tree at the office. Do we need to notify HR about an inter-office relationship?








How do you plan to celebrate Love a Tree Day? Let us know!

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May the Fourth Be With You!

Happy Star Wars Day!

Though we can’t be sure of the origin of this punny holiday, some say it was born when the line was misinterpreted in a German newscast in 2005. Another source said the line dates back to 1979 when the line was printed in The London Evening News to congratulate Margaret Thatcher for being elected Britain’s first female Prime Minister.

No matter where the holiday originated, we are happy to celebrate. Take a look at the fun we had in the office for this unofficial holiday and check out our Star Wars merchandise!

Sources: ABC News, Wikipedia

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