Bad Poetry Day

August 18 is Bad Poetry Day!

Bad poetry happens, whether you intend to create dreadful verse or not. As irritating as it may be to write a new poem only to toss it when you realize how bad it is, a bad poem every now and then never hurt a poet. At the very least, the act of writing the poem, no matter how bad, may have helped you get through a tough time.

It might seem silly to celebrate bad poetry, but bad poems serve their purpose…For example, how would we know the good poetry from the bad poetry without the bad poetry to compare it to?

Celebrate Bad Poetry Day by writing a bad poem, heading to a poetry reading (because you know you’ll hear a couple of cringe-worthy poems), or check out “Very Bad Poetry,” an anthology compiled by Kathryn Petras and Ross Petras that contains 131 poems – by well-known poets – that are so bad, they’re brilliant.

Bad Poetry is copyrighted by Wellcat.


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