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Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day

ToyBearwithRedFlowerOctober 11 is Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day!

Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day is kind of like “take your daughter/son/pet to work day”…but without the fear of distractions, messes, and complete destruction of your workplace. You may have to prepare for teasing from your co-workers if you’re the only one still holding on to a teddy bear. But don’t let that stop you from celebrating Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day. Your beloved teddy bear has been with you through good times and bad, so let him into your work life and show him off with pride!

Don’t have a teddy bear? Any other stuffed animal you have will do. Or you can use the occasion as an excuse to adopt a new teddy bear.


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Win an autographed Paint Palette from Patrick Kinkade!

We spent some time with Patrick Kinkade when he came to Austin in August. He was nice enough to give us an interview, and he also highlighted one of his brother Thomas Kinkade’s paintings.  He gave us his palette when he was finished, so now we want to give it to one of you! This is the actual paint palette used by Patrick when he highlighted, and has the custom Kinkade paint colors and actual used brushes. This contest will run until 5:00pm on Halloween and there are three ways to enter.

1. Enter on our blog: Over the next three weeks, we will have blog posts about Thomas Kinkade and his artwork. Submit a valid comment on any of those posts to be entered to win.

2. Enter on Pinterest: Take a picture of Kinkade artwork hanging in your house, find your favorite painting online, or share a Kinkade product you covet. As long as it features Thomas Kinkade’s artwork, you can pin it with #KinkadeContest in the description to be entered to win. You have to follow us first, but every pin is a separate entry, so seek out that artwork!

3. Enter on our site: You can also be entered to win if you post a review on any of our Kinkade calendars or products between October 10 and October 31. Only valid reviews count, so don’t review a product if you’ve never seen it, and don’t review the same product more than once.


You can enter all three ways and as many times as you like. At 5:00pm October 31, we will choose a random winner from all eligible entries. Good luck and get going!

See full contest rules.


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Raul’s Birthday


October 10 is Raul’s Birthday!

Raul is one of our very own here in the office, and to celebrate his birthday he wanted to share his top 5 products with you!


Monster Bucks 2013 Wall Calendar



This calendar is full of giant bucks with unbelievable racks. It may not always be deer season, but you can appreciate these Monster Bucks all year long.




Dave Ramsey 2013 Desk Calendar



Dave Ramsey injects encouragement, insight, and common sense into every day of 2013 in this desk calendar. Tear off a page each day with advice on how to find financial peace.




Soar to Success 2013 Mini Wall Calendar



These stunning photographs and inspirational quotes will help you keep a positive attitude through all of 2013. Enjoy these simple reminders that will create extraordinary results.




LCR Dice Game




Enjoy this simple to play fast-paced game that is easy to learn and impossible to put down!




Monster Bucks 2013 Wall Calendar



Every man needs to have certain skills. This book shows you all the skills you may not have picked up along the way and helps you never have to ask for help (since we know you hate that)! Simple illustrations and advice will help you Man Up!




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Leif Erikson Day

LeifErikson1968stampLeif Erikson Day honors the Norwegian Viking explorer Leif Erikson, who was the first Scandinavian to set foot on American soil, though many credit him with being the first European to do so. The holiday also recognizes the Nordic people’s culture and their contributions to the U.S.

Leif Erikson Day is celebrated on October 9, the anniversary of the day the ship Restauration arrived in New York from Norway, which initiated organized immigration from Scandinavia to the U.S. (This date is not associated with any event that occurred during Leif Erikson’s lifetime.)

Celebrate Leif Erikson Day at home by throwing a Viking-themed party or hosting a birthday dinner party, consisting of  Scandinavian dishes only, in honor of Leif Erikson.

Celebrating your Norwegian heritage? Cook up some of these Norwegian-specific recipes and don’t forget the lefse!


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Patrick Kinkade Interview

Patrick took some time to sit down and talk with us about his brother Thomas and how his art lives on.

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Columbus Day

What is Columbus Day?

Proclaimed a national holiday by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1937, Columbus Day commemorates Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the New  World on October 12, 1492 and celebrates Italian-American heritage. However, celebrations of Columbus are controversial, as Columbus’s arrival and the settlement of Europeans in the Americas led to the deaths of millions of native peoples.

Learn more about Christopher Columbus, controversy surrounding Columbus Day and Columbus Day alternatives here.

When is Columbus Day?

Columbus Day is celebrated on the second Monday in October.

How do people celebrate Columbus Day?

As a federal holiday, government offices and schools are closed in some states while most businesses remain open. In the U.S., Columbus Day is typically a celebration of Italian-American heritage and includes parades, street fairs, music and Italian food. Some cities honor the indigenous peoples by celebrating Native American cutlure.

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Honey Badger Grand Prize Giveaway Winner!

Our Grand Prize winner is Amy Lineburg with her correct answer of Charlie Sheen!

Enjoy the rest of our interview with Randall, the voice of the Honey Badger, as he talks about his experiences with real Honey Badgers and what animal he would be!

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Mad Hatter Day

TeapartyOctober 6 is Mad Hatter Day!

Mad Hatter Day is a holiday inspired by the Hatter, one of the most memorable characters in Lewis Carroll’s books Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. In the first story, the Cheshire Cat refers to the Hatter and the March Hare as “both mad” during their first appearance in the book – the seventh chapter titled “A Mad Tea-Party.” The Hatter’s silly and nonsensical behavior, including his frequent telling of impossible-to-answer riddles, lead to his well-known, frequently used nickname, the Mad Hatter.

So now that you know more about the Mad Hatter, you can probably guess what this day is all about…madness! Or a bit of silliness, at least. The holiday was first celebrated in Boulder, Colorado in 1986 by a group of bored computer technicians who felt like acting a bit silly. Not only were they inspired by the Mad Hatter, but by his top hat, which features a slip of paper with “In this style 10/6″ written on it. Thus, they chose October 6 as their day of nonsense.

To celebrate Mad Hatter Day, grab a crazy top hat, gather your friends for a tea party, and let the madness begin!


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Apple Betty Day

October 5 is Apple Betty Day!

Similar to cobbler and bread pudding, apple brown Betty is a traditional American dessert consisting of apples baked between layers of buttered bread crumbs that are also  sweetened and flavored with brown sugar and spices, such as cinnamon and nutmeg. Apple brown Betty is often served with lemon sauce, ice cream or whip cream.

According to, the apple brown Betty was created back in Colonial times, with the recipe first appearing in print in an 1864 issue of the Yale Literary Magazine.

Celebrate Apple Betty Day by making your own apple brown Betty. While you can certainly make a brown Betty using other fruit, such as berries or pears, we recommend you stick with apples today.

Slow Cooked Apple Brown Betty


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National Taco Day

TacoSuaderoDFOctober 4 is National Taco Day!

You know what’s great about tacos, other than being ridiculously delicious and easy to make? You can have them for breakfast, lunch AND dinner! Today, the only thing on the menu is tacos, tacos and more tacos!

You’re more than welcome to enjoy tacos at your favorite Mexican restaurant or taco joint, but the best way to celebrate this traditional Mexican dish is to make your own tacos. It’s so easy, you don’t even need a recipe! But we found some for you, anyway…

Breakfast Tacos
Blue Corn Breakfast Taco
Mexican Breakfast Tacos

Chicken Tacos
Chipotle Chicken Tacos

Lime Chicken Soft Tacos

Beef Tacos
Shredded Beef for Tacos

Southwestern-Flavored Ground Beef (or Turkey) for Tacos

Pork Tacos
Shredded Pork Tacos

Fish Tacos

Veggie and Vegan Tacos
Veggie Tacos
Vegan (Black) Bean Taco Filling


Photo Source: Thelmadatter via Wikimedia Commons
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