An Interview with Valentina Ramos

After 15 years working as a graphic designer, Valentina Ramos started to create other arts and crafts in her Miami studio. From these creations, Valentina Design was born, and her artwork has been reproduced on clothing, posters, stationary, and bedding. Valentina’s signature style consists of colorful, detailed images and intricate designs in black ink.

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Where did you grow up?  Did you spend hours doodling as a child?I grew up in Venezuela. As a child I really enjoyed spending time drawing and coloring in. I spent many hours creating and dreaming up images.

How did you come to your current signature style? And how did your beloved Rapidograph mechanical pens figure in your distinctive look?
I’ve always been drawn to highly detailed artwork. I think I started to develop my signature style with Rapidograh pens when I attended a Graphic Design School. I was once set a project at school, which was to create a poster in pointillism with a Rapidograh set, and I found the project to be really therapeutic and meditative.

Tell us about your creative process.
Honestly, I don’t have any set rules to my creative process. Every single day is totally different! The only constant variable in my life is the need to create something every day.
Most of the time I work by project. I have a list of clients with specific requirements, and in some ways that is easy because I know what I should be doing ahead of time.  Many times (and I mean, many, many, many times!) I hit a creative block. I usually call those moments “my downtime”. If I feel totally uninspired, I then have to just take my pen and some paper and draw something, or I just start doodling, and many times I surprise myself with a new pattern or image.

How did it feel to see your artwork in such a popular television show as The Good Wife?
Honestly? It’s awesome ;) From the first email from the show producer to finally seeing the prints in the show, I was thrilled! To receive so many emails from people because they recognize your work… it’s just awesome. It’s a big sense of accomplishment.

Who are your favorite artists, past and present?
Oohhh I have many favorite artists. The list will be huge! And also the list constantly changes. Right now I can’t get enough of Gustav Klimt, and Charley Harper is always going to be a full force of inspiration in my artistic life.

The 2013 Valentina calendar features whimsical animals. What is your favorite animal?
Definitely the Elephant. I can paint elephants every single day, but I think people will get bored. ;)

“In dreams and in life, nothing is impossible.” “Something good is going to happen.” Did these sayings that are on many of your pieces of art help you personally to achieve your goals?
Absolutely! Brilliant colors and uplifting messages are a big constant in my artwork and life. One of the biggest motivators on my artist career is to inspire other people to reach their goals, to follow your dreams, for that reason I always try to create art with positive messages.

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