National Indian Pudding Day

November 13 is National Indian Pudding Day!

Indian pudding is a traditional American dessert, but it wasn’t a Native American recipe, as its name implies. Indian pudding was created by early New England settlers. Upon arriving to the New World and discovering that wheat flour was not available, the early settlers used “Indian meal,” or cornmeal, instead, thus creating Indian pudding. Other ingredients include molasses or maple syrup and honey, milk, butter, eggs and spices, such as cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. Apples, raisins or dried berries may also be added.

Although it remains a traditional New England dessert, Indian pudding  isn’t as popular as it used to be because of its long baking time, usually two to three hours…That’s nothing! Give this autumn dish a whirl in celebration of National Indian Pudding Day.

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