Sistine Chapel Ceiling Revealed

File:Sistine chapel.jpgToday marks the 500th anniversary of the revealing of the Sistine Chapel ceiling to the public. Commissioned by Pope Julius II in 1508, the ceiling was painted by Michelangelo and revealed in 1512. Although Michelangelo was foremost a sculptor and reluctant to paint the ceiling at first, the beautiful ceiling he spent four years painting became his most accomplished work.

Read more about the painting of the Sistine Chapel at the Huffington Post.

Did you know…Pope Julius II initially planned for Michelangelo to paint the 12 apostles, but Michelangelo negotiated for something more grand and complex. Permitted “to do as I like,” as Michelangelo supposedly said, he ended up painting over 300 figures and nine scenes from the Book of Genesis.


Sources: Wikipedia, Yahoo! Voices, Huffington Post

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