Silly Putty Introduced to the Public

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t really invented on March 6, but this does mark the first day that Silly Putty was sold to the masses. So, you could say it was invented as a toy on March 6!

The invention of silly putty was actually somewhat of an accident. TheUnited Statesgovernment had been looking for an alternative to rubber during World War II as the Japanese had been intercepting our rubber resources around the globe. The military desperately needed rubber for Government Issue tires, gas masks, rafts, boots, and jackets.

James Wright, a GE Engineer, was working on a new type of rubber when he unintentionally created Silly Putty in1943. At that time, it was called “Nutty Putty” and was created when boric acid and silicone oil were combined. The substance had very interesting properties; it was bouncy and stretchy, soft and malleable, and could copy the image of printed materials…but there was no military use for it.

Silly Putty eventually reached a toy store and proved to be a great hit with children and adults alike. Children enjoyed playing with it, and adults used it for miscellaneous odd jobs like plugging up holes or leveling out an uneven chair leg. Silly Putty has become such a popular toy; it’s sold over 300 million little red eggs!

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