Father’s Day Contest

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Comment on this blog post and tell us about your favorite trip you took with your dad. It can be a few sentences, a poem, or a long narrative; Whatever you need to tell your story!

You can also enter through our Facebook page to share with your friends for bonus entries.

The contest runs from June 1 to June 14, and the winner will be announced Monday, June 17.

The winner will receive a free 18-month custom calendar, and a prize pack to remember your trip!

Read full contest rules here.

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4 Responses to “Father’s Day Contest”

  1. Melanie M. 10. Jun, 2013 at 6:11 pm #

    Favorite trip was to an amusement park with dad and my two nephews. He rode every ride with the boys. They were all sick after the Gravitron but that didn’t keep us from closing the park. I’m not sure who enjoyed the rides more – dad or the boys, but they all had smiles a mile wide. Dad was 75. Good memories.

  2. gowda 11. Jun, 2013 at 6:16 am #

    last month i went trip with my dad to mysore

  3. Janet Senk 11. Jun, 2013 at 9:00 am #

    My father has passed away, but I remember when he took the boat and me, along with the rest of my sisters and brothers and my Mom, and we went to Lake Huron Bay which is not too far from our farm home. Once we got the boar in the water, we went out through the marshes at a slow speed (to not disrupt the landscape and it was the water law even if it was not posted) and then reached the start of the Bay. We would cruise sometimes quietly or sometimes go fast. I remember when we a little older of doing this same thing and learning how to water ski, taking turns between us kids, scary at first, but so fun once you trusted your legs to just stand up and ride over the water. Then we would come back in wrapped in towels until we got warm and dried and have our picnic near the water. Simpler times but memories made of nice family times. Taught me a lot, my Dad, even when I did not think I was learning it then.

  4. Suzi Teal 11. Jun, 2013 at 3:46 pm #

    As a young girl (the only one with two older brothers), my Dad would take the whole family fishing up in the mountains of Wyoming along Brush Creek. I learned how to fish then – but it was the travel to and from that place that was the best part for me. All the kids were in the back of the old Chevy pickup both ways. We would stop at the turn off and get pop/soda to have once we were at the ‘fishing hole’. Dad would cook some of what we caught and we’d eat them and drink the pop/soda. On the way home, we would hunker down with an old Army blanket covering us all. We usually dozed part of the way home. We’d wave at passing cars and sang bits of songs we knew. He is now gone as well as those times. GREAT Memories!!!

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