Repeat Day

June 3 is Repeat Day!
June 3 is Repeat Day!

We’re not really sure who created this holiday, but we assume that whoever it was had a really, really good June 3 that year – so good that he or she wanted to live it all over again.

Whether you choose to enjoy the things you love twice, re-do things that could have gone better, or annoy your siblings, friends or co-workers by repeating everything you say (or worse…repeating everything they say), Repeat Day is a day for repetition.

Looking for a silly way to celebrate Repeat Day? Here’s a creative suggestion from the party planning website Punchbowl:

Don’t tell [your friends] it’s Repeat Day and do things like send them two of the same email or two of the same text messages periodically throughout the day and see if they pick up on it!


Happy Repeat Day!
Happy Repeat Day!



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