Babe Ruth Hits 500 Home Runs

On August 11, 1929, Babe Ruth hit his 500th home run at League Park in Cleveland, Ohio. It was an exciting day for baseball fans everywhere, especially the New York Yankees (for which Ruth was playing for) even though they lost to the Cleveland Indians 6-5. This legendary hit made Babe Ruth (also known as The Bambino and The Sultan of Swat) the inaugural member of the 500 Home Run Club.

Babe Ruth is often credited as the greatest baseball player of all time, winning Most Valuable Player for the American League in 1923 and elected into the Baseball Hall of fame in 1936. After hitting that historic 500th home run, Babe is understood to have approached Detective H.C. Folger saying ā€œIā€™d kinda like to have that one.ā€

Police scoured the city for the possessor of the ball that was said to have landed on Lexington Avenue in Cleveland, and found it in the hands of a child. The detective took the child to meet Babe Ruth, who provided an autographed ball and a twenty dollar bill in exchange for the ball that gave him his 500th home run.

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Sources: Yahoo, ESPN New York

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