National Lighthouse Day

Farofindelmundo2August 7 is National Lighthouse Day!

On August 7, 1789, Congress approved “An Act for the Establishment and support of Lighthouse, Beacons, Buoys, and Public Piers.” On August 7, 1989, the 200th anniversary of the signing of the act, America celebrated the first National Lighthouse Day after Congress had signed the resolution designating August 7 as National Lighthouse Day in 1988.

National Lighthouse Day not only commemorates the 1789 act but honors and celebrates the lighthouse – a beacon of light that symbolizes safety and security for ships at sea. Learn more about lighthouses by clicking here.

Celebrate National Lighthouse Day by donating to a lighthouse preservation society or visiting a local lighthouse. Find a lighthouse near you with the University of North Carolina’s Lighthouse Directory.


Photo Source:Calyponte (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons
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