Chewing Gum Day

DoublemintSeptember 30 is Chewing Gum Day!

We’re not exactly sure how Chewing Gum Day came to be, but we know that it’s all about celebrating sticky, chewy, minty (or fruity) gum. While some people might find that chewing on gum displays poor manners, others find that chewing gum helps them to relax and concentrate better. Chewing gum – sugar-free, that is – also provides a variety of other health benefits, including reduced risk of cavities, improved memory, and controlled appetite. Learn more here!

Celebrate Chewing Gum Day by picking up a pack of sugar-free gum to chew on through out the day. Don’t forget to share with your friends, family or co-workers!

You’ll also want to remember these simple chewing gum rules to avoid annoying others or causing damage to yourself or inanimate objects:

1. Don’t smack your gum or chew with your mouth open.
2. Don’t pop your gum obnoxiously loud.
3. Don’t spit your gum out on the ground. No one wants to get stuck in your used gum.
4. Don’t stick your gum under the table. We’d rather you spit it out on the ground.
5. And whatever you do, do NOT fall asleep with gum in your mouth. (In case you do and your gum decides to nestle itself in your hair,  find out how to remove gum from your hair, clothes, carpet and even your dryer by clicking here.)


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