Chaos Never Dies Day

Organized Chaos 2014 Softcover Engagement Calendar

Organized Chaos 2014 Softcover Engagement Calendar

November 9 is Chaos Never Dies Day!

Is your work schedule insane? Do you wish you had a live-in maid to take care of those piles of dirty dishes and laundry? Is your school work never ending? Is there never enough time in your life to do everything? Do you just want to curl up in fetal position and cry sometimes? …Us too.

Life is a crazy mess filled with task lists that never seem to end, unexpected disruptions to your daily schedule, last minute changes of plans, and moments of relaxation that are all too fleeting. Today is the day to accept it all and realize that chaos never dies. It’s everywhere, all around us, and always will be. As bleak as that seems, such is life.

Why is this day in particular connected with chaos, you ask? On this day in 1965, 30 million people in the Northeastern United States and Ontario were tossed into a chaotic state when a massive electric power failure left them without power. This completely chaotic blackout was caused by human error.

You can “celebrate” today by forcing some order back into your life. Assess what makes your life most stressful and do whatever you can to help quell those feelings. Don’t get discouraged – relax and breathe! Chaos may be an ongoing state, but moments of serenity are what make life worth living. We wish you a peaceful and calm Chaos Never Dies Day!

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