How to Reuse Your Old Calendars (Part Two)

Use old calendar art to make paper beads for jewelry.

Use old calendar art to make paper beads for jewelry.

For the second part of our “How to Reuse Your Old Calendars” series, we’re sharing some great crafting tips and ideas to inspire you to reuse your old calendars instead of throwing them in the trash can at the end of the year.

  • If you use a large desk pad as a calendar, you can now use your old desk pad as a crafting table. Because of desk calendars’ typically large size, they make the perfect space for you to paint, glue, decoupage, and do whatever else you need to do in your D.I.Y. adventures without worrying about making a mess on your work space. Then, just tear off the page when you’re done crafting to have a new clean craft space.
  • Make cards! Calendar art can be turned into beautiful and unique greeting cards for your loved ones.
  • Buy an origami book and teach yourself some new origami tricks! Use calendar pages to make decorative origami boxes, cranes, and whatever else your heart desires.
  • Use calendar art and numbers alongside your scrapbook photos. Use calendar pieces as embellishments around your photos or use calendar boxes or numbers to mark when important and memorable events happened in your scrapbook.
  • Cut your old calendar into strips and make bookmarks.
  • Use old calendar art to make puzzles! Glue an entire picture to cardstock and cut out various jigsaw-shaped pieces. If the calendar has thumbnail images on the back cover, these can be used as the completed puzzle view to work from. Store pieces in a ziplock box or small container.
  • You can use old calendar images that are large enough to make placemats by placing clear contact paper over them or by laminating them. If calendar photos are too small, you can place the images on poster board or cardstock that is larger in a color that is complementary.
  • Make postcards to send to relatives and friends who live in other places by gluing old calendar art to cardstock to make it durable enough for mailing.
  • Use old calendar pages as gift wrap.
  • Use calendar pictures to make magnets. You can also cut out days from a calendar and make a magnetic calendar for your fridge.
  • Roll up calendar pages into colorful beads you can use to make jewelry.

Hopefully these projects got your D.I.Y. creative juices flowing! Stay tuned for the last two parts of our “How to Reuse Your Old Calendars” series.

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