Vanilla Cupcake Day

cupcakeNovember 10 is Vanilla Cupcake Day!

A staple of the dessert world, vanilla cupcakes should never be considered “boring.” Vanilla is one of the most-used and expensive spices out there, with a rich history to back it up. Aztecs in ancient Mesoamerica used to cull vanilla from a certain species of orchid. They mixed it with honey to make a sweet and delicious flavoring that is still used today in too many recipes to count.

Cupcakes first began to make their rounds in the 18th century, receiving their name from the measurement used to make them. Now the name is used to describe any small cake that is about the size of a tea cup. In England, cupcakes are sometimes known as “fairy cakes” because their miniature size is thought to be perfect for groups of tiny fairies to share.

It comes as no surprise that these two delicious parts of the food world would combine to make a scrumptious dessert that would get its very own day. Vanilla Cupcake Day has become so trendy that even popular TV shows are starting to capitalize on it. You can celebrate Vanilla Cupcake Day by checking out these yummy recipes and whipping up some treats for your family, friends, and yourself!

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