The Best Holiday Films Ever!

We asked the staff to pick out their favorite holiday films, and we got some pretty interesting answers.

A Christmas Story (1983):
A Christmas Story

Emily G.:
I love it because a) it’s hilarious and Ralph’s antics are the same for everyone’s childhood regardless of your era. Who doesn’t have a story about having to wear a relative’s ugly present because, well, your Mom said- “Because I said so!”? I also love it because my Mom is from Indianapolis so her Christmas traditions were actually very similar to Ralphie’s. Minus the “Italian” Leg lamp…maybe. FRA-GEE-LAY!

Jesse C.:
I looked almost exactly like Ralphie when I was that age. I also grew up in the upper mid-west. My family would watch that movie every Christmas Day since I can remember.

Megan S.:
Because Obvi.

Love Actually (2003):Love Actually

Emily G.:
Who doesn’t love LOVE? And accents!?! It’s a delightful, pretty movie with a fantastic message: Love isn’t always where we expect but its actually all around us if we give it a chance.

Plus, as a former resident of London, the film took on a new nostalgia for me after I returned to the states.

Sarah F.:
It’s hysterical & obtuse. Makes me smile!

Arthur Christmas (2011):

Arthur Christmas

Paul H.:
It has everything you want for the holidays:

  • Santa Claus
  • Ninja-like elves
  • A turbo powered, semi-invisible, high-tech sleigh
  • A crotchety old grampa Santa
  • And it carries two of life’s most important lessons: 1) never stop believing, and
    2) there is always time for a bow

Elf (2003):Elf

Megan S.:
Because Will Ferrel & the phrase “Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins”



The Holiday (2006):The Holiday

Megan S.:
Because Jude Law Obvi!



Christmas VacationChristmas Vacation (1989):

Rodrigo G.:
“You serious, Clark?” Because everyone in my family still quotes this movie every year throughout the holidays. Plus, how can you not relate to the Griswolds whenever their vacations start to turn into a nightmare. Definitely a holiday classic!

The Polar Express
The Polar Express (2004):

Sarah F.:
Simple story that is beautifully told. It’s magnificently created, the animations and colors are just brilliant. It makes my son so happy, he watches this movie even in the summer time. Any time he’s having a bad day we put this movie on and it makes him smile.

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