Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest

Behold our holiday cheer! The staff got together for our annual Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest, and we had a tough choice picking out the best (ugliest?) sweater this year.

On the very left, we have Raina H. who decided to forego the sweater and go full elf.

Next to Raina, we have Sarah F. who loves to smile! No surprise here that she’s sporting coffee on her holiday tee.

The holiday tee trend continues with Megan S. sporting an Aerosmith-inspired holiday tee. Rock on!

In the front and center, we have Marcia O. sporting evidence Santa Claus has been delivering presents since the prehistoric era.

Next to Marcia, we have Sami M. wearing a sweater that hasn’t likely seen the light of day since the ’90s.

In the second-to-right, we have Rodrigo G. wearing an ode to the classic arcade game Santa Kong (wait, that’s not right).

Finally, we have Raul V. wearing a futuristic holiday sweater hybrid. That’s right! Those ornaments do light up!

Find out who won after the picture!

Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest


If you guessed Raul, you are right! You just can’t beat technology now-a-days. Congratulations Raul and thank you to all the staff members who participated!

Until next year and Happy Holidays!

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