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May 18th is Visit Your Relatives Day!

Visit Your Relatives Day

My Family 2015 Photo Calendar

What is Visit Your Relatives Day?

In between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, time some time to think about your extended family. Visit Your Relatives Day is about staying in touch with close relatives, and taking a day to remind them they’re still in your thoughts.

When is it?

Visit Your Relatives Day always falls on May 18th.

How would you celebrate this holiday?

While this holiday is about visiting your relatives, our busy schedules or long distances doesn’t always make this possible. If this is the case, then give your relatives a call or send them a beautifully-written card. Better yet plan a family reunion on this holiday for a memorable event your whole family will enjoy.

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May 3rd is Garden Meditation Day!

Garden Meditation Day

In The Garden 2015 Wall Calendar

What is Garden Meditation Day?

People have been practicing garden meditation for centuries now. It’s the perfect form of being one with nature, and using its resources to calm and soothe the soul. If gardens can sustain life on this planet, then why couldn’t it sustain the spirit as well. Garden Meditation Day is about finding that soothing environment and allowing you to focus in a stress-filled world.

When is it?

Garden Meditation Day always falls on May 3rd.

How would you celebrate this holiday?

Take some time on May 3rd to tend to your garden and take a breather – whether it’s for a short break or more than an hour. If you don’t have a garden to visit, go visit a neighbor’s garden or visit one of your city’s natural attractions. It’s also a great opportunity to start your own garden and enjoy the spoils of your garden for next year’s Garden Meditation Day.

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