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More than Monopoly, it’s a love story.

What’s your favorite board game?

The internet is abuzz today with a board game love story that made us swoon. Redditor Justin, justinlebon26, created a personalized marriage proposal for his girlfriend Michal that leaves many other proposals lacking and makes us want to break out the Monopoly board!


Justin recruited a good friend of his to help design his custom Monopoly board and even used vintage Monopoly sets when constructing it. He personalized the game’s properties to correspond to places that meant something to the couple (the first game space is which is where the couple met online).

Michal was given the board as a present on Christmas morning. Initially the present went over wonderfully, Michal was please and began playing immediately. After rolling a seven with specially-made dice (one had all 3′s and the other had all 4′s so Michal would be sure to roll the seven she needed to), she drew a Chance card and realized this was more than just a great present.

Monopoly Love Store.

Michal, of course, advanced to Luxury Tax where Justin got down on one knee and proposed! Once his girl said yes, Justin popped open the secret door built under Luxury Tax and scooped out her diamond ring.

Read the entire story here then head over to for some board game inspiration and get building!

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