About The Daily Grid

The Daily Grid is the official blog of Calendars.com, the largest online retailer of calendars and organizational planners.  The Daily Grid will contain industry thoughts, organization and productivity tips, features from guest writers, and life at the Calendars.com office in Austin, TX. The Daily Grid is an open forum for discussion and we aim to uphold the highest level of respect for our customers, fellow bloggers, and employees of Calendars.com.

Our Blogging Policy

The following rules are from GM’s Fastlane Blog. We firmly believe that these five points outline the groundwork needed to foster a healthy online community.

We shall abide by these rules:

  • We will tell the truth. We will acknowledge and correct any mistakes promptly.
  • We will not delete comments unless they are spam, off-topic, or defamatory.
  • We will reply to comments when appropriate as promptly as possible.
  • We will link to online references and original source materials directly.
  • We will disagree with other opinions respectfully.

Image usage note:

  • If you request to have your images removed from our blog, please contact us and let us know.
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