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More than Monopoly, it’s a love story.

What’s your favorite board game?

The internet is abuzz today with a board game love story that made us swoon. Redditor Justin, justinlebon26, created a personalized marriage proposal for his girlfriend Michal that leaves many other proposals lacking and makes us want to break out the Monopoly board!


Justin recruited a good friend of his to help design his custom Monopoly board and even used vintage Monopoly sets when constructing it. He personalized the game’s properties to correspond to places that meant something to the couple (the first game space is which is where the couple met online).

Michal was given the board as a present on Christmas morning. Initially the present went over wonderfully, Michal was please and began playing immediately. After rolling a seven with specially-made dice (one had all 3′s and the other had all 4′s so Michal would be sure to roll the seven she needed to), she drew a Chance card and realized this was more than just a great present.

Monopoly Love Store.

Michal, of course, advanced to Luxury Tax where Justin got down on one knee and proposed! Once his girl said yes, Justin popped open the secret door built under Luxury Tax and scooped out her diamond ring.

Read the entire story here then head over to for some board game inspiration and get building!

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Top Pet Contests is running a Top Dog and Top Cat Calendar contest! Submit your pictures for a chance to be featured in a exclusive calendar, receive a $500 donation to the Animal Welfare Organization of your choice, and get a fun prize pack for you and your furry friend. Check out the details and links below to get started today!

Dog Intro
Cat Intro

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Custom Social Photobooks

We are now offering our customers the ability to quickly create photobooks with images from Facebook, Instagram, or your computer.

All social photobooks are 5 x 7, square saddle-stitched and printed on high-quality paper. There are currently four themes to choose from: Baby, Halloween, Winter, and Generic. Each book contains backgrounds that match the theme and has 18 pages with over 40 images. Best of all, the photobooks are only $9.99!

You can autofill your book with pictures from particular Facebook albums, or with images tagged of you and another person or people. You can also take a little longer on your photobook and customize it by placing specific photos in certain spots.

We’ll be adding more themes soon, so check it out and build your personalized social photobook today!

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5 Awesome Personalized Calendar Ideas

You’ve heard about our Custom Photo Wall Calendars, and you’ve seen how easy it is to create one. If you’re struggling to come up with a theme or choose worthy photos from the hundreds you’ve taken over the years, have no fear – we’ve put our heads together and we’re ready to share our ideas with you. Go ahead…pick one (or two, or three) and get customizing!

1. Baby’s First Year – Your best friend welcomed a little bundle of joy to the world just about a year ago, and you want your gift to outshine all others at the upcoming 1st birthday bash. So, gather a picture of the little guy/girl from each month of the first year of his/her life and help your bestie relive that precious year all over again. Don’t forget the bathtub and spaghetti face moments. The other party guests have no hope (mwahaha).

2. My Best Instagram Photos – You’ve spent way too much time choosing the right filter and the most promising hashtags for those oh-so-artistic cell shots just to let them fall off the feed and never be seen again. You have like 200 followers and National Geographic ‘liked’ your #bestnatureshot for crying out loud! Put them together into a calendar and enjoy them on your wall all year long. Or better yet, try our new Personalized Social Photo Booksand let our app pull your Facebook or Instagram photos into a photo book instantly!

3. Best. Vacation. Ever.– You love vacation- everyone does. Whether it was that long and torturous road trip from New York to Florida, or that Mediterranean cruise that left you on cloud nine, there are memories from vacations you don’t want to lose. A calendar with your best vacation photos would make the perfect gift for your travel buddies.

4. My Favorite Dishes– You’re a regular ol’ Bobby Flay. The only reason you watch the clock all day at work is because you can’t wait to get home and heat up the kitchen. Because you’re such a culinary genius, you obviously snap a shot of every single one of your mouth-watering creations. Now those would make a perfect kitchen calendar!

5. I Am the 12th Man – You’ve held season tickets for the past 8 years, your tailgating parties attract everyone parked in lots A and B, and your closet looks like a team store. Everyone says it, but you really are the biggest fan. We know you’ve been to way more than 12 or 18 games, but put yourself at the stadium every day with a calendar featuring photos from the most memorable ones. Sure, you and the mascot can go on two months.

If you have another awesome personalized calendar idea, please share it by commenting below! Remember: You can start a Custom Photo Wall Calendar on any month of the year, and they are printed on quality paper stock. So, you don’t have to throw those calendars away when the 12 or 18 months are up. Consider framing each image to create a wall collage, for example. Hmm…perhaps another blog post for the future?

A big thanks to our guest blogger for the day, Christine D., for her awesome ideas!

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Is Your Pet Calendar Worthy?

Well here is your chance to prove it!

TF Publishing is looking for customer submitted images to be featured in the 2014 version of their Cat-A-Day and Dog-A-Day  wall calendars! If you have a dog or cat that you think would be perfect for a calendar, you can send in your images to or

Images must be submitted by November 9 to be considered for publication, and only one dog or car should be in the picture. This isn’t a calendar for you, so no people in the picture either. And remember, this is a professional calendar, so no low res or fuzzy pictures either.

Start submitting and good luck!

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The Best Selection in the Known Universe is EVEN BETTER! now offers Custom Wall Calendars!

You can create a calendar with your own pictures, or choose images from our gallery of professional photos at no extra charge.

The personalized calendar builder is easy to use and guides you through the entire process. Choose from a 12-month or 18-month calendar, and start on any month!

You can add birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, or any special date to the calendar grid. National holidays are included in the calendar template, but you can remove any of them you like.

The pictures take up the full top half of the calendar and it is stapled so it looks like a professionally published calendar! You can even see all of your images printed on the back cover.

Even with the best features on the market, it is still only $19.99 for a 12-month or $23.99 for an 18-month version. Personalized photo calendars make great gifts, so make your calendar today!

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In Memory of Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade died suddenly late Friday night at his home in California at age 54. Family spokesman David Satterfield said the death was unexpected, but appeared to be of natural causes.

The Painter of Light was a devout Christian and wanted to make people happy with his work. His paintings of churches, lighthouses, cottages, and gardens can be found in an estimated 1 of every 20 homes in America.

Kinkade’s paintings have been reproduced on everything from posters, cards, and calendars to plates and carousels. He truly brought light to others with his works and will be missed.

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Happy Flip Day 12-1-11

Happy Flip Day™!  

Patti D, one of our customer service team leads, recently sent me this quote that seems perfect for Flip Day™ ->

For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning. T. S. Eliot

What is Flip Day™?

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U.S. Men’s Water Polo Calendar in the News

Click here to buy the 2011 U.S. Men’s Water Polo Calendar

Congrats to the U.S. Men’s Polo Team for getting their calendar out this year! They are using it to raise money for the 2012 London Games.

Fox 5 did a nice story for the guys in blue. Her opening statement is pretty funny, “If you like the U.S. Men’s Water Polo Team, you can now admire their <ahem> assets every day of the year.”

From the story:

“It’s a good calendar,” said Alexander. “I definitely think it’s geared towards women more. I don’t think many men are going to be hanging this in the garage or anything.”

Click here, or on the bum below to buy the 2011 Men of USA Water Polo Calendar

Video Review of the Calendar

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The Beatles Finally Make it to iTunes

beatlesGood news for music lovers. Today, The Beatles will now be available on iTunes.

According to CNN,

Starting Tuesday, iTunes users can buy the Beatles 13 remastered studio albums from the Apple store.

From Wired:

Ever since Apple started selling music downloads back in April 2003, there has been speculation as to when – if – The Beatles would be available on the store. The negotiations surely werent helped by legal troubles triggered by Apple Computer when it got into the music business and trod on the toes of The Beatles’ Apple Corp.

Celebrate with The 2011 Beatles Wall Calendar

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