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Sarah’s Birthday

sarahHappy birthday to one of our amazing team members, Sarah!

Sarah has been a member of the team for 7 years. She is our Online Marketing Manager and Campaign Coordinator, so anytime you hear news about special discounts or contests we have, that is all Sarah’s doing! She also keeps us on schedule for all campaigns we run such as Halloween and Black Friday. In addition to that, she also builds and tests all of our social media apps. We would be lost without her!

Sarah has two very active boys and spends most of her free time taking them to their many extracurricular activities. She loves musical theater, movies, reading, baseball (Go Astros!), and has a special place in her heart for anything robot or fairy related!

Here are some of Sarah’s favorite things on To see the rest of her staff picks, go here!

Pink Floyd Album Art 1000 Piece Puzzle

Pink Floyd Album Art 1000 Piece Puzzle


Dr. Who Special Edition 2014 Wall Calendar

Dr. Who Special Edition 2014 Wall Calendar


Robots 2014 Wall Calendar

Robots 2014 Wall Calendar


I Could Pee on This and Other Poems by Cats

I Could Pee on This and Other Poems by Cats















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Neil’s Staff Picks

Happy Father’s Day to a new dad on our team, Neil!

Neil is one o four Customer Service Representatives and helps out our customers on the phone and through email.
He loves watching movies, and maintains a movie blog. Neil also dabbles in movie-making and hopes to find the time to go back to writing. That may be difficult though since he is now a father to an adorable little boy!

Here are a few of his favorite products, but see Neil’s full selection on our Staff Picks Page!

Game of Thrones 2014 Wall Calendar

Vintage Classics Movie Posters 2014 Wall Calendar

Go Oriental Strategy Game

Sugar Skulls 2014 Wall Calendar

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Elizabeth’s Birthday

Happy birthday to an important member of the team, Elizabeth!

Elizabeth has been with for nearly six years and runs the Facebook page and blog for, our sister site. She also manages the Calendars Ebay store and comparison shopping engines.

I love Calendars, canines, caffeine and my Mac – not necessarily in that order.  I balance work with volunteering, training dogs, gardening and cooking. My favorite travel destination is home, where I am surrounded by ten beautiful acres of wildflowers and two adorable and adoring (mainly at dinner time) Bulldogs who think I am an absurdly good cook.

Here are a few of her staff picks, but see Elizabeth’s complete selection on our Staff Picks Page!

Someecards 2014 Desk Calendar

Extraordinary Chickens 2014 Wall Calendar

Yoga Dogs 2014 Wall Calendar

Cowboy Boots 2014 Wall Calendar

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Ashton’s Birthday

Happy birthday to an awesome employee here at, Ashton!

Ashton manages the Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as The Daily Grid. She also does a little graphic design work and moderates the customer reviews.

Ashton loves to be outside hiking, camping, rock climbing, or walking her three rescued pitbulls. Is she has to be stuck inside, Ashton prefers to be watching sports. She loves the Houston Astros and the Dallas Cowboys, and enjoys cooking and bowling. Ashton also just recently got married!

Here are a few of her staff picks, but see Ashton’s complete selection on our Staff Picks Page!

Goats in Trees 2013 Wall Calendar

Magic Places 2013 Wall Calendar

Crossing Bridges 2013 Wall Calendar

Sea Turtles 2013 Deluxe Wall Calendar

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Jessica’s Birthday

Happy birthday to an amazing member of the team, Jessica M.!

Jessica makes sure that all of our products show up where they make sense on the site, and decides what is featured in each email we send.
She loves to read, watch suspenseful thrillers, go camping, or hang out at the beach. Jessica has two bulldogs and adores muscle cars and motorcycles. In case you weren’t jealous already, she is also the proud owner of a beautiful 2013 Mustang GT.

Here are a few of her staff picks, but see Jessica’s full selection on our Staff Picks Page!

Mustang 2013 Desk Calendar

Movie Posters 2013 Wall Calendar

Painted Hands 2013 Wall Calendar

Where Love Grows 2013 Mini Wall Calendar

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Raul’s Birthday


October 10 is Raul’s Birthday!

Raul is one of our very own here in the office, and to celebrate his birthday he wanted to share his top 5 products with you!


Monster Bucks 2013 Wall Calendar



This calendar is full of giant bucks with unbelievable racks. It may not always be deer season, but you can appreciate these Monster Bucks all year long.




Dave Ramsey 2013 Desk Calendar



Dave Ramsey injects encouragement, insight, and common sense into every day of 2013 in this desk calendar. Tear off a page each day with advice on how to find financial peace.




Soar to Success 2013 Mini Wall Calendar



These stunning photographs and inspirational quotes will help you keep a positive attitude through all of 2013. Enjoy these simple reminders that will create extraordinary results.




LCR Dice Game




Enjoy this simple to play fast-paced game that is easy to learn and impossible to put down!




Monster Bucks 2013 Wall Calendar



Every man needs to have certain skills. This book shows you all the skills you may not have picked up along the way and helps you never have to ask for help (since we know you hate that)! Simple illustrations and advice will help you Man Up!




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Team Spotlight: Kevin Clark

What do you do at DSC_0079
As the Manager of Contact Center Operations, I am responsible for Daily Reports, Backend Processing, Troubleshooting Computer Issues and Training.

What got you to this position?
I’ve had a variety of Training jobs in a variety of industries: Travel Agency, Semi-Conductor Test Equipment, and Hardware Store Computer Systems.

What are some important things you will be training the seasonal employees this year?
That the “E” in Ecomm stands for: Excellence, Exceptions made here, and Wow that was Easy customer service.

What is the single most important thing you are improving in the company this year?
The Quality of Customer Service through training, feedback and encouragement.

What is your involvement with the Boy Scouts?
Currently I am Scoutmaster to Troop 185. For 14 years I’ve been working with young men ages 8-18 to become men of character.

What is the best thing you have done in the last 5 years?
Took my family on a cruise from Galveston to Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel.

How many calendars are hanging in your house?
6 – Cows Cows Cows x 2, Tropical Beaches, Mormon Muffins, Whitetail Deer and Inspirations

Your cubicle?
11 – Cats, Cows, Italy, Lighthouses, San Diego, Inspiration, Gourmet, Islands, Simpsons, Dilbert, and How to Cook

Favorite Calendar? Dilbert Desk Calendar

Biggest Pet Peeve? When one of the dogs marks the trash can in the kitchen.

Ninjas or Pirates? Pirates, no question about it.

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Team Spotlight: Jessica Vinklarek

Jessica Vinklarek is one of the newer members to the team. Within 48-hours of starting she jumped straight into our paid search system and started making changes for the better. She is a numbers/analytics addict and a whiz at Excel. To get her attention, we just mention the word Excel softly into the air and her ears start tingling.

What do you do at
I’m the Online Marketing Manager – basically, I get the word out about Calendars on the web.

How did you get into analytics and paid search?
I took a Digital Media class in college to satisfy a course requirement. It turned out to be one of my favorite classes.  When the semester ended I got an internship to keep learning, and the rest is history.

What do you spend your free time doing?
That’s a long list!  I love to cook, take pictures, watch the Texas Longhorns, and take my dog Gravy to the park.

How many calendars are hanging in your house? Your cubicle?
House: 2
Cubicle: 5 (Not ashamed)

Favorite Calendar?
Again, cooking nerd, so I’d have to say the Kitchen Plan-It. Close second – any Greece calendar.

What is something you have done and are very proud of?
A few years ago I hiked up a mountain on the Appalachian Trail.

Ninjas or Pirates?
Do Ninja Turtles count? Because if they do, Ninjas. Definitely.

Biggest pet peeve?

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Calendar Life Sketches From Stephen Anthony

One of our seasonal call center employees sketched some clever cartoons during one of his lunch breaks. It was one of those moments when all of us stopped in awe, not knowing his hidden talent.



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