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Top 4 Best Calendars for the Current $2 Sale

With the 2010 calendars on sale right now, I thought it would be cool to show give you some hints into certain hidden gems, each priced at only $2.00. The sale goes until September 14th, 2010. You can check out all of the $2 calendars in our Bargain section.

1. Magnetic Poetry 2010 Wall Calendar

Why is it awesome?

Even after the 2010 year finishes, you still get 200 magnet words for your fridge along with a magnet board.


2. Magic of the Clouds 2010 Poster Calendar

Why is it awesome?

It’s huge, and will be pretty even if the dates are wrong next year. The calendar is 19inx18in and for 2 dollars, it’s a steal.


3. African Wildlife 2010 Poster Calendar

Why is it awesome?

For the same reason as the Magic Clouds calendar, but this one is even bigger.  The calendar is 24inx18in with a small grid on it.


4. All of the Puzzle Desk Calendars

Why is it awesome?

From Hangman, to Ken Ken, to Scrabble, to Sudoku…All of the 2010 desk calendars that have a puzzle on each page are only $2. It’s cheaper then going out and getting a Sudoku or Ken Ken book at the store.

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