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S’mores Day

SmoreAugust 10 is S’mores Day!

S’mores, a contraction for “some mores,”  are traditional campfire treats consisting of a marshmallow toasted over a fire  and a piece of chocolate sandwiched between two graham cracker squares.  While the creator of the s’more is unknown, the first recorded version of the recipe appeared in the Girl Scout Handbook in 1927 and was credited to Loretta Scott Crew.

Whatever the origins of this gooey, chocolaty dessert, s’mores are definitely something to celebrate. Gather your kids, family or friends for a backyard campout and enjoy all the s’mores you can eat!

However, you don’t need a campfire to make s’mores. You can also make s’mores using a grill, toaster oven or microwave. Find out how by clicking here!

Looking for s’mores with a twist? Try adding extra ingredients, such as peanut butter, or making s’mores inspired desserts, such as  S’more Brownies or Easy Pan O’ S’mores.

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Photo Source: (CC) Larry D. Moore
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Lazy Day

Today is Lazy Day! In honor of this strange but kind of awesome holiday, we’ll keep this short and sweet so we can all go back to being lazy.

We’re not sure who created this brilliant holiday or why (does it matter?), and we’d love to increase our research efforts, but that would defeat the purpose of Lazy Day.  Surely whoever created this day wouldn’t want that.

Celebrate Lazy Day by simply being lazy today. No, you don’t have to call in “sick” or spend the whole day in bed (though, if you can and want to, awesome!) Set aside as little time as an hour today to do absolutely nothing or to do something relaxing and that you enjoy, like finishing that book you’ve been too busy to read, taking a warm bath, soaking in rays while lounging on a hammock, or hitting the couch for an all day marathon of your favorite TV show.

Sources: Holiday Insights, Yahoo! Shine

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