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National Radio Day

August 20 is National Radio Day!

Did you know that there are over 13,400 radio stations in the United States? This number was taken from a report from the Federal Communications Commission in the early 2000′s, so in actuality, this number is probably much larger.

Many significant discoveries had to happen prior to the invention of the radio in the late 1800′s, involving transmission and reception methods. Celebrate National Radio day by listening to your favorite radio station or trying something new.

Sources: Delco News Network, Holiday Insights

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National Lemonade Day

August 20 is National Lemonade Day!

Lemonade is a classic sweet and sour but cool and refreshing summer beverage consisting of lemon juice, water and sugar. However, the term “lemonade” can refer to “clear” lemonade, “cloudy” lemonade or “fizzy” lemonade, depending on what part of the world you live in. Learn more about lemonade around the world by clicking here.

While you can certainly make lemonade with a powdered mix, which is the most common type of lemonade in the U.S., take the time to make freshly squeezed lemonade in honor of this refreshing beverage. We’ll even pass along a lemonade recipe that contains the secret to making the perfect lemonade!


Sources: punchbowl.com, wikipedia.org
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