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Singin’ in the Rain Day

August 23 is Singin’ in the Rain Day!

This holiday celebrates the classic musical that it is named for, as well as the starring character and director, Gene Kelly, whose birthday falls on August 23.

Singin’ in the Rain was an American musical comedy released in 1952 starring Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor, and Debbie Reynolds. The film was an amusing take on Hollywood, with the plot line focusing specifically on silent film actors transitioning into “talkies”. Despite Singin’ in the Rain’s modest success initially, it has come to be known as one of the best musicals of all time.

Celebrate Singin’ in the Rain Day by curling up and watching the classic movie, or go outside and sing to your heart’s content (even if it isn’t raining)!

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Ride the Wind Day

As summer comes to an end, Ride the Wind Day gives us a chance to appreciate and take advantage of the last days of cool, summer breezes. Go for a bike ride, roller blade in the park, fly a kite, fly in a plane, sail out to sea, or just run really really fast. Looking for something more extreme? Literally ride the wind by paragliding/sailing, hang gliding, parachuting, or skydiving!

Did you know…On this day in 1977, the Gossamer Condor, “the first human-powered aircraft capable of controlled and sustained flight,” flew the first figure-right, as piloted by amateur cyclist and hang-glider pilot Bryan Allen (Wikipedia – Gossamer Condor). Talk about riding the wind!

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