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Just Because Day

Just Because Day falls on August 27 each year.

Today is a day when you don’t need rhyme or reason to be your guide, do something you want to do “just because”. Our best days sometimes are dictated not by plans, but by going out on a whim and being spontaneous. Just go out and do the first thing that pops into your head just because!

Some ideas for Just Because Day: take an unplanned road trip somewhere, reach out to someone from your past, send someone flowers for no reason, buy something awesome that you wouldn’t normally buy, go eat at a new restaurant. Enjoy!

Sources: Holiday Insights, Yahoo! Voices

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The Duchess Who Wasn’t Day

The Duchess Who Wasn’t Day celebrates Irish novelist Margaret Wolfe Hungerford (April 27, 1855 – January 24, 1897). Popular in the late 19th century, Hungerford wrote light, romantic fiction published under the pen name “The Duchess” in the United States.

Celebrate “The Duchess” who wasn’t by reading one of Hungerford’s many works.

Did you know…Though the thought had been expressed in many other written forms, Hungerford is credited with coining the famous phrase, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” The phrase appears in Hungerford’s best-known novel Molly Bawn, published in 1878.

Sources: Zany Holidays, Wikipedia

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