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Austin Jazz Band – International Jazz Day – May 29th

International Jazz Day celebrates Jazz music and history, as well as Jazz musicians. Jazz music was started in America in the 1800′s and over the years has become popular around the world. Everyone has their favorite style of music, and many say Jazz is tops. Some people have a type of music that they do not like.  But everyone likes and/or loves Jazz.

To celebrate International Jazz Day, Calendars .com went to visit a local Jazz band called the Austin Jazz Band at the Elephant Room.


An Interview with Band Director, Bobby Davis.

Q: How did you get into Jazz?

I started off teaching Jazz as a high school Band Director and then taught at ACC. Jazz has been a love of mine so I’ve continued playing Jazz.

Q: What is the ultimate direction of your Band?

Keep playing varied cross sections of styles, Keep playing challenging pieces so the bands continues to grow, and keep encouraging to play jazz. We like to keep the kids exposed to clinics and jazz rehearsals. We had a student who graduated high school and came and played with our Band.

Q: How does your band stay organized?

I’m lucky that I have some real intelligent guys that help out. Everybody has worked together to help out with maintaining structure. Without them it would be impossible. I’m very lucky to have them.

Mr. Davis went on to give kudos to the co-founder of the band, Steve Fleckman, an Austin based attorney who also shares a great love for Jazz.

The Austin Jazz Band plays the last Monday of every month at the Elephant Room. They have a special performance coming up on Wed. June 23rd. For more info, please check out their website:


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