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Happy National Bob Day! (part 2)

Along with our National Bob Day slideshow, we celebrated another Bob at the office. There were around 40 Popsicle-fan-like-Bob-masks made to let him know that we all have a little Bob in us.


“Thanks…I guess.” – Bob (said with a huge smile)


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Happy Bob Day! – May 26

Bob is a name that is close to my heart as I (Robert) am named after my Uncle Bob. I am frequently asked if I go by Robert, Bob, or Rob. I go by Robert as there was Uncle Bob and then a classmate who was Rob. Enough rambling about my name. Today is National Bob Day. A day honoring those with the shorted and slightly tweaked version of Robert for a name.

Here’s a video collage that showcases the best of my Bob list:

What other Bobs would you have featured?

Special thanks to The Bob Club for posting/maintaining their Big Bob List as well as to Animoto.com for their super-easy to use online photo slide-show tool.

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