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Answer Your Cat’s Question Day

Why Cats Do That Calendar from Calendars.com.

Why Cats Do That Calendar from Calendars.com.

January 22 is Answer Your Cat’s Question Day! Our feline friends can be quite mysterious. Are those meows masking their true feelings? Or are they feeling purrfectly fine, and just want you to know it? Today is meant for us to try and figure out the meaning behind their many different meows, and answer our curious cats’ questions.

As the most popular pet in the world, according to Scientific American, cats have been domesticated companions of humans for about 9,500 years. Because they have been active partners of humans for many centuries, cats are now found in almost every area of the world humans inhabit. Though they have played a pivotal role in human happiness, we still do not fully understand one another. Today was created as a way for us to gain some insight into the minds of our furry friends. Our loyal buddies deserve a day where we make a more conscious effort to figure out and satisfy their wants and needs.

What Cats Teach Us Calendar from Calendars.com.

What Cats Teach Us Calendar from Calendars.com.

Not sure what sort of questions your fuzzy feline may be pondering? We’ve compiled a potential Q&A to prepare you:

  • Cat: Is it really necessary for you to bathe me?
  • Person: I know you bathe yourself regularly, but a few baths a year are good to get rid of any leftover dirt you may have missed. Just be glad you’re not a dog.
  • Cat: Why do you take away my favorite resting spots?
  • Person: Oh, you mean that newspaper or book I was reading? I’ll try and be more conscientious next time.
  • Cat: Why do you get mad when I go to the bathroom somewhere besides that stinky box you gave me?
  • Person: Because it’s gross! But I’ll try harder to make sure your litter box is always clean so that this doesn’t happen.
  • Cat: Why do you keep petting me when I tell you to stop? Do you not know what this swishing tail means?
  • Person: Because you’re soft and adorable! I’ll be more aware of your subtle cat cues in the future though.
  • Cat: Who is this stranger and why won’t they stop trying to pick me up before I’ve even got to know them?
  • Person: They’re my friend and they love cats! I’ll be sure to tell them to leave you alone until you’ve sniffed around and decided if you want to be friend back first, sorry!
  • Cat: If cats have nine lives, which one am I on?

… we’ll let you ponder the answer on that last one!

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National Cat Day

Cats Mini Box.inddOctober 29 is National Cat Day – a day created for you to fawn over your feline friends! National Cat Day was created in 2005 by Colleen Paige who is known as America’s #1 Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert.  Paige is an animal behaviorist and animal welfare advocate as well as Editor-in-Chief of Pet Home Magazine. She created this day not just as a day for cat lovers to celebrate these cute and cuddly creatures, but also to bring attention to the number of cats in shelters who are waiting to be rescued.

Cats were first domesticated in the Fertile Crescent around 12,000 years ago. When the first agricultural communities began to pop up, cats became indispensable because of their ability to keep grain stores rodent free. Cats are now the most popular house pets in the United States, found in 34% of American homes. Although they are the most popular domesticated animal, the American Miracle Network estimates that about 4 million cats are put into animal shelters every year. Of those 4 million, around half are euthanized. Because they cannot take on specific jobs like dogs can, most shelter cats are overlooked. The goal of National Cat Day is to help facilitate 10,000 cat adoptions on October 29.

Studies have shown that being a cat owner has several benefits. Here are just a few:

1. Owning a cat has several health benefits including: Reducing blood pressure and stress, a decrease in the risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, and strokes, lowering cholesterol, improving mood and helping with depression,  decreasing allergy development in children, and more! Find out about the other health benefits of owning a cat here.

cats22. A study of British pet owners showed that people who own cats are generally smarter than dog lovers in terms of IQ and education.

3. Cats are environmentally friendly. They have a low carbon footprint equivalent to that of a Volkswagen Golf. A dog‘s carbon footprint is equivalent to that of a Hummer.

4. Having a cat can help your dating life, boys! A poll found that 82% of women are more attracted to men with pets. 90% of women agreed that men who own cats are “nicer” than most other men.

5. There is a stereotypical belief that dogs are more affectionate than cats, but a 2003 Swiss study showed that cats provide the same amount of companionship and love as dogs, especially for women. The study showed that owning a cat is the emotional equivalent of having a romantic partner. Cats often initiate contact with their owners, remember kind acts done by their owners, and reciprocate them.

If you are a cat owner, spoil your kitty today by buying it some special treats, a new toy, and of course showing it lots of attention. If you are not a cat owner, today is the perfect day to pick up a new feline friend or volunteer at your local animal shelter!

You can find cats up for adoption in your area online by using the National Cat Day adoption portal.

Sources: Petcentric, National Cat Day Official Website, Punchbowl, mental_floss


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Hug Your Cat Day – June 6th

Harry and stellaJune 4 is the perfect day for cats and their owners – it’s Hug Your Cat Day! Ok, maybe this holiday is more for the owners than the cats.  Every cat owner knows that hugging your cat isn’t always easy, but today, give that kitty a hug anyway! And if your cat is feeling extra affectionate, curl up with your kitty for a quick cat nap.

Having trouble getting your cat to reciprocate your affection? Check out Petcentric’s five tips to bringing out your cat’s “inner cuddliness.”

Don’t have a cat? Luckily, June is the American Humane Association’s National Adopt-a-Cat Month, so go out and adopt a cat in need of a hug and a home.

Sources: holidayinsights.com
Photo Source: Alarob (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons
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