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Chocolate Day

Chocolate1July 7 is one of the best days of the year. Why? It’s Chocolate Day!

Chocolate Day is easy to celebrate: eat chocolate! Want to know how you can incorporate chocolate into every meal? Meet your Chocolate Day menu:

Breakfast: Whip up some chocolate chip pancakes or chocolate french toast. Or simply  pair your usual breakfast with a glass of chocolate milk.

Lunch: Toss a chocolate pudding pack, dark chocolate, or a mini chocolate candy bar in with your lunch for a post-lunch treat. You can also incorporate chocolate into your actual meal. Try some chocolate chili!

Mid-Morning and Afternoon Snacks: Chocolate at snack time? No problem! Try chocolate covered raisins, fruit or nuts. Or you can add a piece of dark chocolate to your regular snack.

Dinner: Experiment with chocolate infused dishes at dinner time by making a dish with mole sauce, such as Women’s Health Magazine’s  Poached (or grilled or baked) Chicken with Chocolate Mole or Hershey’s Cocoa-Coffee Spiced Chicken with Salsa Mole.

Post-Dinner Dessert: Not tired of chocolate yet? Follow dinner with a bowl of chocolate ice cream, a cup of hot chocolate,  a piece (or two) of your favorite chocolate, or chocolate cake. The possibilities are endless! Browse through the dessert recipes on Hershey’s website for ideas.

Sources: holidayinsights.com, womenshealthmag.com
Photo Source: Mariluna via Wikimedia Commons
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