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Employee Appreciation Day Superlatives

On March 6th, we celebrate Employee Appreciation Day! It’s the perfect day for managers to show how much they value their employees by showing their support or rewarding them something special. Here at Calendars.com we’re rewarding our employees with fun superlatives.

Most Likely to Break into Song          Most Likely to Freestyle Haikus

Christi Graybill                             Jessica Gillespie
Christi G.                                                              Jessica G.
Check out our other employees here

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We React to Festival of Sleep Day

On January 3rd, we celebrate Festival of Sleep Day! We’re sleeping less due to stress and distractions but not on Festival of Sleep Day. Treat yourself to a standard 8 hours of sleep, a full day of sleep, or even just a couple of power naps. You can read more about Festival of Sleep Day here.

In honor of Festival of Sleep Day, we asked the Calendars.com team their favorite sounds to get them to bed faster. You won’t believe what constitutes as a lullaby now-a-days!

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Meet the Staff Day

collageIn honor of our 15th anniversary, we’re celebrating Meet the Staff Day on October 22nd.

Take some time to get to know the people behind Calendars.com.


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A Celebration 15 Years in the Making

In honor of our 15th anniversary, we got the staff together for a group photo. Take a look at how much we’ve grown since our first year. Calendars.com Group Photo 2014

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No Dirty Dishes Day – May 18th

Today is No Dirty Dishes Day. Some feel this day was established to have a day free of dirty dishes. In other words, you should have gotten all the dishes done last night so that you can relax today. Surprise!

Some feel this day means it’s time to clean ALL the dishes laying around the house and yard…including the spoon your kid left in the sandbox, the beer glass your husband left in his man cave, and the plate your teenager left under her bed.

Both agree that you shouldn’t let the dishes stack up until tomorrow.

How did we celebrate?

How better to celebrate than keep your own office sink spotless:


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