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Happy Cinco de Mayo! – May 5th

Poste-us-cinco-de-mayoWhat is Cinco de Mayo?

Cinco de Mayo marks the anniversary of the Mexican Army’s 1862 victory over France in the Battle of Puebla during the French-Mexican War. In Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is primarily observed in the state of Puebla, but in the U.S., Cinco de Mayo is a much more prominent celebration of Mexican culture, heritage and achievements.

When is Cinco de Mayo?

May 5 of each year.

How do people celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

A holiday with major commercial value, Cinco de Mayo celebrations in the U.S. include parades, parties, Mexican music and folk dancing and traditional Mexican foods and beverages.

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May 5th is Cinco De Mayo!

What is “Cinco de Mayo” ?

Though many think Cinco de Mayo (“Fifth of May”) is Mexico’s Independence Day, it is actually a commemoration of the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. In addition to it’s importance in Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is significant to Americans because it represents the last time a foreign army waged aggression in invaded North America. The image below is a piece of art showing the battle in all it’s gloom: BattleofPuebla2

How did we celebrate?

We enjoy this holiday today as a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride.  Sarah, an email specialist on our team, visited the 5th annual Cinco de Mayo Festival in Austin, TX! We also had a nice Mexican Food (though mostly “tex-mex”) pot luck in the office. The video and pictures below are from those events:

From our office potluck:

Battle of Pueblo image courtesy of Wikipedia
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