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Culinarians Day

July 25 is Culinarians Day!

Whether you’re a chef or just love to cook, celebrate by cooking your favorite meal, trying out a new recipe, or creating a new dish. If you go out to eat today,  take the time to send your compliments to the chef.

Not much of a cook? Sign up for a cooking class (or a few) in your area so that you’ll be prepared for the next Culinarians Day.


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National Pecan Sandies Day

Pecan sandies, or “sand tarts,” are similar to the sugar cookie but with a nutty addition – pecans! Celebrate this classic cookie on June 23 by baking a batch to share with your friends, family, or co-workers.

Looking for the perfect pecan sandies recipe? Word around the web is the best pecan sandies recipe comes from Smitten Kitchen. Deb, the blog’s writer/cook, snagged this pecan sandies recipe from Claudia Fleming’s “Last Course,” claiming that one of the geniuses behind the recipe is the addition of one small step: “…toast [the cookies] until they’re very dark, which, combined with sugar, brings out an almost maple-y flavor. […] the pecan flavor is louder and the cookie tastes more grownup than what we might be used to.”

Deb also offers some tips for dressing up your pecan sandies – dip half the cookie in melted chocolate or top with a sprinkle of turbinado sugar, for example.

To put a healthy spin on your pecan sandies, use whole wheat flour and replace half of the butter with canola oil or use half a cup of canola oil and half a cup of applesauce.

And for the super healthy conscious, those with food allergies, or anyone on a special diet, check out Erica Kerwien’s (of Comfybelly.com) sugar-, gluten-, grain-, and lactose-free Salted Pecan Sandies.


Sources: Slashfood.com, Smittenkitchen.com, Comybelly.com

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National Personal Chef Day

Created by the United States Personal Chef Association (USPCA),  July 16 is National Personal Chef Day and celebrates personal chefs and the unique service they perform – preparing meals for busy households, seniors, those with special dietary needs, or kitchen klutzes who should stay as far away from the kitchen as possible.

If you’re lucky enough to have a personal chef, thank him or her for the delicious food they prepare for you every day. You might even consider giving them the day off, even if it means living off of easy-to-make sandwiches for a day.

If you don’t have a personal chef and are interested in hiring one but don’t know where to start, the USPCA can help you find a personal chef in your area.

Interested in becoming a personal chef? What better day to get the ball rolling than National Personal Chef Day!? Check out “How to Become a Personal Chef” on eHow.com for a quick overview on what you need to do to become a personal chef, then find a training and certification program that best fits you. The USPCA recommends the Culinary Business Academy.

Sources: PRLog, The Ultimate Holiday Site

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National Catfish Day

More and more Americans are discovering a uniquely American food delicacy – farm-raised catfish.

- Ronald Reagan, June 25, 1987

25 years ago today, President Reagan proclaimed June 25 as National Catfish Day to recognize the importance of the catfish farming industry and the versatility and nutritious quality of this whiskered fish. Read the rest of Reagan’s 1987 National Catfish Day proclamation for more about why we celebrate catfish.

Celebrate National Catfish Day by picking up a farm-raised catfish from your local market – though you’re always welcome to fish for your own catfish – and making a traditional, Cajun-style baked catfish for dinner. For catfish that’s more appealing to the kids, try these mouth-watering Healthy Herb-Baked Catfish Nuggets. Find more flavorful, low-calorie catfish recipes at eatingwell.com.

Sources: Reagan.utexas.edu, Punchbowl.com

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National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day

Anyone who is a klutz in the kitchen, June 13 is your day…Happy National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day!

This is a day to celebrate those who make a huge mess or commit culinary murder in the name of trying to create a great meal for others to enjoy. So, celebrate your clumsy ways, your burnt cookies and dry chicken, and the mess you never fail to leave behind after you’ve spent time in the kitchen by taking a break from actually trying to cook without being a klutz. Just have fun! Who knows…maybe a little fun and freedom will translate into an edible meal and a spotless kitchen…

…Or you can always just stay out of the kitchen today.

We have a few stories from our very own office to share!

Sarah- “I made the classic ‘undercooking the turkey’ mistake once. My turkey appeared beautiful when I took it out of the oven. Then, we went to carve it for dinner and realized that the inside was a pink, bloody, icy mess!”

Misty- “When I was younger, I was in the kitchen talking to my mom while she was cooking dinner. She had a pot of water boiling for Mac n Cheese, and she  was in the middle of talking to me as I watched her open the box of mac n cheese, take the cheese packet out, and dump the noodles in the trash and try to throw the box in the pot of water… Never talk while cooking. “

Have you ever made a HUGE mistake in the kitchen?

Sources: theultimateholidaysite.com

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